Obama supporters make presence known at Clinton's Shepherdstown appearance

May 08, 2008|By ERIN JULIUS

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. -- In a town described by one Hillary Clinton supporter as an "Obama stronghold," not everyone at the former first lady's Wednesday appearance favored the New York senator for president.

As Clinton's supporters waited for their candidate outside McMurran Hall, they grumbled amongst themselves about the dozens of people, many of them Shepherd University students, holding Barack Obama signs.

Ben Myers, 20, stood across the street from where Clinton spoke, holding a sign proclaiming his support for Sen. Obama, D-Ill. Myers admitted that he hadn't heard much from Clinton, but he didn't think anything she could say would sway his vote.

Carol Dunleavy, 46, of Shepherdstown, hit the street with her Obama sign at 9:15 Wednesday morning, she said. She believes Obama will be the Democratic nominee for president.


"He brought the country together," she said.

Health care and the economy are the most important issues for Dunleavy this election year, she said. Dunleavy called Clinton's proposed federal gas tax holiday a "political ploy."

"We don't need that," she said. "We need someone who will address the issues."

Doug Herrick, 45, sat perched on a ledge in front of McMurran Hall, holding a "Ron Paul for President" sign.

"Ron Paul is still a candidate," he said. Herrick appreciates Paul's support for state's rights, he said.

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