Blast from the Past

From The Herald-Mail files

From The Herald-Mail files

May 07, 2008

Week of May 4, 1958

· The circus is coming to Hagerstown for the first time this year. The Christiani Brothers Circus is making arrangements for the local appearance of the world's largest tented circus.

The circus lists among its features the tallest giraffe in captivity, more than a dozen elephants, a blood-sweating hippopotamus from the Nile, lions, tigers, zebras, and a half-ton Kodiak bear.

An old-time circus feature will also be included, consisting of full-blooded Sioux Indians in full trial regalia, in native ceremonial dances and sports.

As a grand finale to the two-hour performances, the "Great Zacchini", the human projectile, is shot from a giant cannon.

· Infielder Charley Neal, one of the few bright stars for the Los Angeles Dodgers this spring, is no stranger to baseball fans of Hagerstown.


As local followers of the diamond sport will recall, Neal appeared frequently at Hagerstown's Municipal Stadium several years ago when this city was still represented in organized ball. He played here as a second baseman for the Newport News Dodgers of the defunct Class B Piedmont League.

· At a luncheon meeting of the Hagerstown Optimist Club recently, 15-year-old Dan Holland addressed the crowd on the topic "A Salute to Our Generation." In his prepared speech, young Holland tactfully took his elders to task for maligning his generation because of the shortcomings of the few whose maladjustments make spectacular headlines, saying "Are you alarmed about the teenagers of today? Do you feel that they are dangerously immoral, lacking in character, perhaps even criminalistic? If so, you've been taking your newspapers and other news media too literally."

Week of May 4, 1983

· Washington County Commissioner President Ron Bowers received a letter Tuesday from Gov. Harry Hughes, promising to beef up security at the state prison complex south of Hagerstown.

"Additional staff will be added to the institution in order to accommodate the additional inmates." Hughes wrote. The governor also pledged that more fencing will be constructed along the perimeter of the entire Maryland Correctional Institution and Maryland Correctional Training Center. He also wrote that the work-release program has been changed to serve only those inmates from Washington County.

· From a letter to the editor:

"I am just an average American housewife, trying to survive in this country we call America. This country was once the greatest and richest country in the world. Now we have the highest unemployment, higher prices on food, clothing and shelter.

We have to take a stand pretty soon.

We all are helping every country except ourselves. It seems all our government officials want to aid all the foreign countries. They had better start here. I was always brought up to believe charity starts at home. This is our home, the only one we have.

It is very nice to have friends across the waters and to help them all to a degree, but our streets are no longer paved with gold."

- Compiled by Kelly Moreno

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