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May 05, 2008

Last week's question:

As gasoline and grocery prices keep increasing, what are you doing without to stretch your dollars?

Poll results

1. Cut vacation travel - Four votes (3 percent)

2. Cut pleasure drives - Four votes (3 percent)

3. Reduce dining out - Nine votes (8 percent)

4. Eliminate extra grocery treats - Two votes (2 percent)

5. Most of the above - 82 votes (69 percent)

6. Nothing - 17 votes (14 percent)

· We are actually doing a little of everything. We have cut back on driving, are combining trips, eating out less and buying less expensive items at the grocery store. As for vacation, we're planning a trip for September, so we will have to see what things look like then to know where we will cut back. Perhaps go for fewer nights to a less expensive place.


· I got a travel mug and I take coffee from home. I drive right past the convenience store. I need their $4 a gallon gas. I can live without the $10 a gallon coffee.

· We're doing a lot of planning of our meals so we can keep the grocery runs to a minimum. I'm also trying to buy more "scratch" ingredients, instead of the ready-made meals that do cost more.

Lots of generic brands going on the shelves and bath products from the "cheap" rack, too.

As far as vacations go, we're skipping the amusement parks, resorts and "tourist traps" in favor of camping and maybe a few little local excursions - at least until after Labor Day, when the tourist season is over and prices drop.

This week's question:

Sunday, May 11, is Mothers Day. What's the best advice your mother ever gave you?

1. To always be honest.

2. To follow the "Golden Rule."

3. To save for a "rainy day."

4. To not "sweat the small stuff."

5. To remember that someone helped you and that you need to help others succeed, too.

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