Waynesboro Stallions youth football team to get new home field

May 02, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- It looks as if the four households opposed to the Waynesboro Stallions holding practices at Pine Hill Regional Recreation Area no longer need to worry.

Representatives of the youth football league are poised to sign documents that will provide them with a new home field.

That should happen sometime in the next few days, according to league president Doug Andree.

"I'm very confident that this is going to be worked out," Andree said Thursday.

The Stallions were working with Washington Township, Pa., to develop a new field at Pine Hill under a contract signed with the township supervisors in September 2007. However, in February, several Mentzer Gap Road residents went to a supervisors meeting to address noise and traffic problems they anticipated to be associated with the Stallions.

The supervisors have since been looking to scale back the Stallions' use of the park.

One of the supervisors asked that a survey be developed to question residents' feelings about the Stallions using Pine Hill for practices, not games.


"Mr. (Christopher) Firme wanted to survey the neighbors around the park to see if they had any opinions because we had heard from just a couple of folks," Township Manager Mike Christopher said.

Of the 23 households to receive the survey, 14 had responded by late Thursday afternoon. Five were in favor of practices; one was in favor with various conditions attached; one was split; four were against; and three had no opinion.

Andree hopes to announce a groundbreaking event soon for the new field at an undisclosed location in the Waynesboro area. In the meantime, the Stallions have a partial list of people and businesses that donated to the cause posted at

"It shows that people care. They want us to play football and want the kids to do something good," Andree said.

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