Mail Call

May 02, 2008

"I agree with the caller who is in favor of the new shopping center at U.S. 40 and I-70. It would definitely be nice to have something on that side of town. Hopefully more people will speak up about being excited about this shopping center." - Hagerstown

"Zoning is the next step toward the local powers act. The 'operative words' are 'powers' and 'local.' The power to tax locally. 'The power to tax is the power to destroy.' - Chief Justice John Marshall (1819)." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Everyone is talking about recycling. I have been to the Funkstown Elementary School probably six or seven times since Christmas. Every time I walk past the cafeteria, the children are using Styrofoam plates. I am told this is because no one at the BOE seems to be able to fix the dishwasher. That's probably 1,000 Styrofoam plates a week. Why aren't our tax dollars fixing the dishwasher - or does the board have to have someone come in and do a study on fixing the dishwasher?" - Halfway


"My brother is a correctional officer at MCI-H. He has been there for 25 years, and has paid thousands and thousands of dollars in union dues, and look what it has gotten him - nothing. They are not protecting these fired correctional officers at all, so why belong to a union? You're just throwing your money away. They are no longer what they used to be, so that is why I don't belong to a union." - Boonsboro

"I want to say that I approve of Kristin Aleshire's letter in today's newspaper, April 30. I approve of his idea on the death penalty." - Hagerstown

"This April, one of the highest months, we lost 47 killed in Iraq, bringing the total to date to 4,059. You won't see this on the news, because they are focused on the election and the economy and they don't want to upset anyone with any more bad news." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Someone called in and wondered why traffic is backed up on Eastern Boulevard and Robinwood Drive at 5 p.m. It's because the so-called planners and County Commissioners continue to approve buildings without first having roads in place. It's only going to get worse in Robinwood, with the hospital being built there without adequate roads. Just think what will happen to the eastern end of Dual Highway when the new shopping center goes in. Yes, the commissioners said it is not a done deal, but we all know how it works. Be prepared for more and more backups." - Hagerstown

"Your Democrat Congress at work - Pelosi claims she's checking out why gas is so high. Wonder why it just dawned on her to do so." - Funkstown

"Did I read in the paper right, the county wants to increase property tax? People are losing their jobs, can't afford to pay their mortgage, can't afford to buy groceries, and they want to raise the taxes? They can't be that cold-hearted." - Hagerstown

"In reference to the school transportatation issue, the Washington County School Board proposes to penalize the majority for the fault of a few. The constant comparison to last fall's episode of 'a miscommunication that led to a kindergartner on the wrong bus and dropped off two miles from home,' the fault still remains with poor handling by the bus driver, not the parents, child, or anyone else. As for the transportation system, e-mail, telephone relay to advise them of the date and time in advance, that would have been a good use of that system. Everyone does not see the newspaper. The board should send out notice of the information."

"According to Forbes magazine, the top five most profitable companies, three are gasoline-related, and two are mortgage-related. Something is wrong here. We can't afford to fill up our cars. Foreclosures are at the highest rate ever, and these companies are the most profitable? There is such a thing as a reasonable profit, and an obscene profit. When is it going to stop?" - Washington County

"This is on Wednesday morning's paper, city water, sewer rate hike. I congratulate Mr. Bruchey, the mayor of Hagerstown, for lobbying for no hike in the city water. People can't pay their bills now, the price of gas and all. As for Al Martin, I think he'd better sit down and think about what he's putting in for the budget for next year. There's always ways you can do things, make some cuts. The city administrator has two people working under him. He doesn't need two people working under him. Maybe you need to eliminate some jobs in the city." - Hagerstown

"Thanks to the Boy Scouts in the Sharpsburg area who painted the curbs in the town of Sharpsburg. You did a wonderful job." - Sharpsburg

"I think the commissioner that made the comment about buying the house on Longmeadow Road, I think somebody ought to go and do something with his house and see if he likes it if he don't get the property value of the house." - Hagerstown

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