Cut! That's a 'Brainwrap'!

May 02, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

Even with several states separating the friends, they found a creative way to connect.

Funny, homemade videos were circulated within the group as a way to stay in touch, after one friend moved to Indiana. Thomas J. "Josh" Smith said the short films were "basically to make ourselves laugh more than anything else."

"John would send Matt videotapes of things he had been messing around with. It'd be, 'Here's a wig or a hat. Throw it on,'" Smith said.

And so, the miles melted for the guys, most of whom met while working at Ski Liberty in Carroll Valley, Pa.


Now, the friends -- through Colorfully Dark Productions -- have gone beyond their initial, short forays into film. They have developed a feature film. "Brainwrap" makes its debut May 10 at the movie theater on Leitersburg Pike.

"Once the camera started rolling, it just kind of took off," Smith said.

Smith lives in Waynesboro, Pa., and works in Greencastle, Pa., yet he traveled to Indiana last November to reconnect with 1992 Fairfield (Pa.) High School graduate John Taylor. While there, Smith stepped into a starring role in "Brainwrap" under Taylor's direction.

"The script was written rather quickly," Taylor said. "I actually wrote it in 10 days."

Several other characters in the film are played by actors with ties to southern Franklin County. Among them are Matt Stahley, David Mackley and Nick Butts. Kim Lowery, from Greencastle, Pa., also makes an appearance.

The plot of "Brainwrap" involves freeloading adults who mooch off their father's money before and after his death.

"There's three siblings, and we're pretty shady individuals," Smith said. "We're kind of waiting around for the phone call for dear old Dad to die."

Smith and Taylor described the movie as a dark comedy that would appeal to comedy and horror fans, although they warned that it contains violence and graphic language.

"It's not like Will Ferrell, in-your-face funny, but I think a lot of people will pick up on the humor," Smith said.

Taylor said that all but 20 tickets have been sold in advance for the movie's premiere, which comes on the heels of last summer's "Promenade" by the crew. Their next venture will likely be into the horror genre.

"Our goal was trying to get this one sold out. It's a small step for us, but I think this movie will appeal to people more than our first movie," Smith said.

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