Owner cited after pit bull kills another dog in Chambersburg

May 01, 2008|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- The owner of a pit bull shot and killed by Chambersburg police Saturday after it escaped and killed another dog has been charged with harboring a dangerous dog by Dog Law Enforcement Officer Georgia Martin.

Fuertado Wallace, 54, of 212 Lincoln Way West, also was charged by Martin with not having licensed the dog and with failing to have the dog vaccinated against rabies, according to copies of the citations filed Wednesday with the office of Magisterial District Judge Gary Carter.

At 7:49 p.m. Saturday, police were called to 252 Lincoln Way West for a report of a loose dog. When they arrived, James Maher told police a pit bull had attacked and probably killed his wife Carisa's dog.

Police said the pit bull, named "Lady," escaped Wallace's house by crashing through a window during a thunderstorm.

The citation for harboring a dangerous dog that was filed by Martin stated the pit bull entered the Mahers' yard and went up the stairs to a second-floor porch. When one of the victims opened the door, the pit bull lunged at the Pekinese, grabbing it by the throat and shaking it as the pit bull took it downstairs.


Maher told police he tried to stop the attack by hitting the pit bull with a garden rake, but the animal then attempted to attack him and he escaped by leaping over a fence.

Police said they went into the Mahers' backyard and saw the pit bull coming downstairs from the second-floor rear porch into the yard. They tried to catch the dog using a snare pole, but it was too aggressive, police said.

The pit bull walked over to the Mahers' "gravely wounded" dog and began circling and licking the injured animal, police said.

"The pit bull then began to move towards officers in an aggressive manner," police said. Fearing the dog would escape the yard and attack someone, police said a patrol officer fired one shot and killed the pit bull.

Police said they learned Sunday that the Mahers' Pekinese died.

The investigation was subsequently turned over to Martin, police said. The citations filed by Martin, if Wallace does not contest them, would result in fines and costs of $427.50.

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