Chambersburg property owners might need to cut back at intersections

April 29, 2008|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Owners of some corner lots in Chambersburg will have to trim back hedges or remove other visual obstructions to traffic in an effort to create better lines of sight at intersections.

The Borough Council approved advertising the amendment to the Vehicles and Traffic Ordinance for adoption at Monday night's meeting.

The ordinance states no plants or other obstructions shall be higher than 30 inches, or lower than 96 inches within 50 feet of an intersection, although there are a number of exemptions.

The amendment will not apply to the Central Core Zoning District in the downtown, alley intersections or intersections with four-way stop signs or traffic lights. Property owners found in violation will be given 30 days to comply, according to the ordinance.

Property owners would have two weeks from receipt of the notice to appeal to the borough manager, who will make the final decision, the amendment states. Violators may be charged $25 a day if not in compliance after the 30-day notice and the cost of removing the obstruction, if done by the borough.


The council also voted to change a policy regarding the installation of curbs and sidewalks on streets that undergo reconstruction. The borough requires curbs and sidewalks to be installed at the property owners' expense when a street is reconstructed.

In the case of Brumbaugh Avenue, scheduled to be reconstructed by 2009, the council had earlier decided it would be less expensive if the borough contracted to have the curbing installed, rather than individual property owners hiring contractors for their frontage.

Property owners on the avenue would also have up to two years to install the sidewalks at their own expense.

Curb and Sidewalk Committee Chairman Tom Newcomer suggested the borough adopt the same policy when reconstructing any other street in the borough.

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