Mason-Dixon Council honors Scouts who became Eagle Scouts

April 28, 2008

The Mason-Dixon Council has named the Boy Scouts who have attained the highest rank in Scouting - the Eagle Scout - for 2007.

The Eagle Scouts were recognized for their achievement at the Council Recognition Dinner on March 1 at the Savoy Restaurant in Waynesboro, Pa.

Washington County District Chairman Jay Lauver and Washington County Advancement Chairman Chris South presented the Eagle Scouts in attendance with an Eagle shoulder patch.

Following are the 2007 Eagle Scouts:

Michael Bryson, Troop 287

Paul Widmeyer, Troop 4

Clinton Hammond, Troop 17

Matthew Johnson, Troop 265

Kalvin Day, Troop 10

John Timothy Martin, Troop 14


Devin Olden, Troop 2

Adam Weaver, Troop 2

Patrick Goller, Troop 4

Brandon Cerrone, Troop 4

Corey Campbell, Troop 43

Daniel Beach, Troop 265

Stephen Larsen, Troop 97

Casey Miller, Troop 8

Andrew Joliet, Troop 8

Joshua Sanders, Troop 97

Joshua McFerren, Troop 97

Bryan Herr, Troop 88

Bryan Warner, Troop 51

Jacob Reinhart, Troop 20

Daniel Carey, Troop 19

Phillip Shriver, Troop 14

David Mellott, Troop 143

Patrick Adams, Troop 65

Cory Beatty, Troop 2

Donovan Streeper, Troop 95

David Tapley, Troop 8

Michael Hohl, Troop 99

Vincent Hall, Troop 99

James Hall, Troop 99

Brandon Mauck, Troop 136

Jeffrey DeTora, Troop 20

Scott Stevens, Troop 64

Andrew McMurtrie, Troop 62

Alexander Brown, Troop 62

William Brandenburg, Troop 66

Zachary Gilbert, Troop 5

Eli Roberts, Troop 2

Matthew Clifford, Troop 2 Bret Marfut, Troop 62

James McClanathan, Troop 62

Jason David, Troop 17

Dominic Moyer, Troop 19

Kyle Graybill, Troop 117

Kyle Downs, Troop 117

Robert Mothershed, Troop 64

The Mason-Dixon Council serves the youth in Washington County, and Franklin and Fulton counties in Pennsylvania.

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