Grace Academy holds annual Geography Fair

April 28, 2008

Grace Academy held its geography fair for kindergarten through 11th grade students on March 27.

The winners were as follows. Grades seven and eight: First place, Joshua Buwalda, "The Reclamation of Land in the Netherlands;" second place, Nick Colvin, "The Deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest;" third place, Whitney Durr, "South Africa."

Grades nine through 11: First place, Clay Sprecher, "Characteristics of African Music;" second place, Kellie Hoffman, "Tourist Attractions of Paris;" third place, Jamie Shurnitski, "Ice of the Antarctica."

Students completed "passports," which contained geographical questions.

The answers could be found on bulletin boards in the school hallways, classrooms, or on the many projects set up in the gymnasium.


Five winners were drawn from the completed passports, and the winning students received gift certificates to area restaurants. The winners were Haley Dawson, KA; Breanna Ivosevich, 4A; Leah Bushman, 6B; Julia Previti, eighth grade; and Chantelle Groves, 10th grade.

Students had to answer several questions about world georgraphy.

Students were required to research and write a paper on their topic.

The students also had to create a center display project and a tri-fold board. Many students prepared food from other countries, wore traditional dress and built models, made 3-D maps and flags, or prepared PowerPoint presentations. The students concluded their projects with an oral report in the classroom.

The elementary students and teachers also created classroom projects. A first-grade classroom had a model of the Amazon River flowing through it. Another classroom held a German castle model. Boomerangs decorated with Aboriginal art hung on the walls in a K4 classroom.

More than 350 students participated, with many family members in attendance.

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