'Outside the Internal Conflict'

April 22, 2008|By E.L. SYVERSON

Oh, the sting of new jealousy.

New salt to the wound.

I so hoped I'd never feel like this again -

so childish and bitter.

You've got something I want,

something you can't share.

You would if you could, right?

He's got friends.

Fear not - I'm not in the market.

Did you know,


now that you're someone's someone,

he's all you talk about?

Don't be angry.

Take a breath and a sidestep.

You've officially jumped in headfirst.

But, to you, it feels so right.

Is it wrong for me to worry?

He's not mine - you're not me.

Call me Concernicus

because I'm the one who listens.

Try not to be so hard on me -

Picking up the pieces isn't as fun as it sounds.

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