Pa. voters tell why they came to the polls

April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania voters leaving the polls on Tuesday said various reasons had brought them there:

"I vote all the time. I think it's a privilege." - Mary Hess King, Antrim Township

Tom Zeger, 80, of Greencastle, said he's been voting as long as he can remember. Zeger, a John McCain supporter, has been keeping an eye on the presidential race.

"I believe that every citizen should vote, and I was interested in seeing (33rd District Senate candidate) Jim Taylor elected." - Dave Thrush, Antrim Township

Jack Reese, of Waynesboro, celebrated his 79th birthday at the Fairview Brethren in Christ Church polls.

"Our country is in bad shape, and I won't tell you how I voted, but I asked the Lord first," he said.


I always vote so that we can have a say in who's taking us in the right direction. The party affiliation doesn't matter so much for me." - Sandy Beaumont, Washington Township

"I come every year. I haven't missed an election in forever and forever. If you don't vote, don't complain." - Debbie Holmes, Washington Township

"I've not always been a Democrat. ... The fact that Hillary's a woman makes a difference." - Sharon Hanna, McConnellsburg

"I wrote in John McCain ... I'm a Democratic enigma. I voted for Rich (Alloway), too." - Cathy Folmar, Chambersburg

"They're running neck and neck for the first time ever that I've worked the polls." - Guilford I Judge of Elections Rhoda Duke on the number of Democratic voters roughly equaling Republican turnout.

"I voted for Ron Paul because of the stuff I looked up about (the candidates) online, it seemed like I agreed with him the most," - Lisa Skiles, McConnellsburg.

"I always vote and I always vote Democrat, capital 'D'," - Mrs. McCartney, Chambersburg, Pa.

Gathered and compiled by Herald-Mail reporters Don Aines, Jennifer Fitch and Kate S. Alexander

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