Here come the boys of summer

April 22, 2008|ZAN MIR / Pulse Correspondent

It is the time of year where peanut sales go extra high and fans start singing "Take me out to the ball game."

Yes, baseball is back.

Many people love baseball. Baseball has been called the national pastime, but some people think the NFL has taken that title away. There is more hype for football games than baseball games. It is more difficult to get NFL tickets than its is to get Major League Baseball tickets. Football and baseball are very respected sports. I think it just gets down to personal preference on which one you like better.

The MLB teams just started their opening games two weeks ago. A lot of commentators talk about which teams have the potential to go to the playoffs or maybe even the World Series.

Many people are also talking about which teams are awful. They say many of the teams that played terribly last year will be bad this year. The same teams seem to play dreadfully every year, like the Kansas City Royals or the Florida Marlins.


But sometimes a team seems to surprise everybody, like the Colorodo Rockies did last year. Maybe one team might surprise everybody this year.

Then there are rivalries between teams. The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is one of the longest and the most bitter rivalries in professional sports. For more than 100 years, baseball's New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have tried to dominate each other. Some think the Yankees spend too much money. Do you know Alex Rodrigez of the Yankees is paid more than the whole Florida Marlins team?

The Red Sox did add Japanese baseball player Daisuke Matsuzaka to their roster. There was huge hype about him in Japan. The Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics played in Japan. These teams have the two most dominant lineups in the major leagues. The Yankees are not bad, either.

Enough about watching baseball. Let's talk playing. Local little league teams have already started baseball. Baseball can be a fun sport to play, if you get some decent times at bat.

Baseball does not require that much running. You only run when you hit the ball or are trying to catch the ball. So those of you that are too lazy to play soccer or lacrosse because it involves too much running, baseball looks like the right sport for you.

Baseball is an enjoyable sport to play. You'll find out when you play.

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