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April 21, 2008

Last week's question:

As local governments prepare their budgets, what is the silliest thing that elected officials are talking about using taxpayer dollars to fund?

Poll results

I don't care. - 12 votes (80 percent)

I'd rather leave a comment. - Three votes (20 percent)


ยท To the ones who don't care, send them your name so you can pay for all of the stupid stuff. Like the unused plane runway, the downtown buildings that they paid more for than they are worth, the long fight over where to put the hospital. I could go on. How about if you pay the correctional officers who were fired?

This week's question

Since The Herald-Mail changed the software for its Monday editorial page forum, the number of comments has dropped drastically. Is it because: 1. The questions are on issues that don't interest you, or 2. The new sign-up process is too difficult. Without some feedback from readers, The Herald-Mail will be forced to conclude that this feature has run its course and that people would rather see this space used for something else. Thank you.

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