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April 20, 2008

Editor's note: Each week, The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on its Web site, Readers also may submit comments about the poll question when voting. Each Sunday, a sampling of edited reader comments will run in The Herald-Mail.

Last week, there were two poll questions. The first question was: Would you fly out of Hagerstown Regional Airport if the airport finds a passenger airline to provide service there?

"I used this airport for many years and would like to continue."

"I don't fly unless it's necessary. Only once before 9/11/2001. And now I would rather use some other means of travel, as I would go off on the people who have to enforce these insane provisions they have now."

"I would if the price was right. The previous prices were outrageous."

"Maybe, if the prices were competitive, but it's actually cheaper to drive to Pittsburgh."

"I used this airport for many years until you could no longer return from California. You would land in Pittsburgh about 3 p.m. and then have to wait until 10 p.m. for a flight to Hagerstown. They used to have flights that you could get into Hagerstown at 5 p.m. Even if the price is a bit higher - by the time you drive to BWI and pay for gasoline and parking - it was still cheaper to fly out of Hagerstown until they didn't have convenient flights."


"I've traveled for many years and always used the Hagerstown airport when flights were available. This airport is very convenient for folks who don't like to drive to Baltimore or Washington and needs to be reopened. The runway extension should bring direct flights and regular air service to the area."

"I would absolutely use the Hagerstown airport if available. I used it numerous time in the past. It would be a good time and gas saver by not having to travel to Virginia or Baltimore to get flights."

"As usual, the poll doesn't offer sufficient questions for a lucid response. At what cost? Convenient schedules or not? I would gladly pay $50 to $75 more per round-trip fare for flights that take you where you want to go without spending all day getting there, or worse yet, returning on a red-eye flight. ...The fares and schedules have to make sense."

The second question was: Do you think students today are more disrespectful than students were 10 years ago?

"Yes, the students today have been given the impression that they are entitled to do whatever they want whenever they want and their parents back them up. This started about 45 years ago."

"I do not think students are any more disrespectful. I think they are allowed to get away with more. ... With the lawsuits and discipline taken out of the schools and parents thinking a prank is breaking and entering and destruction of property, one can see why some students behave the way they do."

"Yet another area with too much government involvement. The government tells us how we can discipline our kids and then holds us accountable when they turn out (badly). I had a healthy fear of my father growing up. I knew what the result of my actions was."

"I work with kids in an after-school program and this whole year, our program is about respect because we have noticed a terrible trend with these students. They tell us about all the different disrespectful things they do in school toward teachers, administration and each other. Today's kids are out of control. They haven't been taught to respect others or themselves. Many times, this is a result of parents acting the same way. ... Kids need to learn respect, and schools, churches, entertainment and other groups need to focus on teaching this value to the kids and their parents."

"I've been out of school about 10 years and I don't think kids are being any more or less respectful, per se, but since these eruptions of violence on school grounds, the public is made more aware of what the kids are doing. I don't think it's right that these kids be pretty much granted permission to treat anyone the way they do, but I also think it's wrong for the kids to be getting so much public attention for behaving the way they do, too. You know how when kids don't get the love and attention they need, they'll get the attention any way they can, including attention for behaving like hooligans."

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