Shippensburg man sentenced for attempted sex assault on teen boys

April 17, 2008|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- A Shippensburg, Pa., man snared by the father of an intended victim was sentenced Wednesday in Franklin County Court to a total of 15 years of jail, parole and probation for attempted sexual assault and corruption of a minor.

Carl M. Edwards, 60, of 30 Yeager Road, had pleaded guilty to the charges in October, according to court records. The sentence imposed by Judge Douglas Herman included nine months in jail for the time served since his arrest last summer, said Assistant District Attorney Lauren Sulcove.

Edwards was paroled from jail Wednesday as part of his sentence, but will spend 30 more days under house arrest with a Global Positioning System (GPS) monitor, Sulcove said. Following that, he will spend at least six months with the GPS tracking device, a period that could be extended on the recommendation of the county Probation Department's Sexual Offenders Unit, she said.


Edwards will remain on probation for the balance of the sentence and will be required to register with police for the rest of his life under Pennsylvania's Megan's Law, according to the sentence.

In July, the father of a 14-year-old boy called the Chambersburg Police Department, saying his son and the boy's 13-year-old friend were being contacted by a man who wanted to have sex with them, police said. The father called Edwards and told him to stay away from the boys, police said.

The mother of the 13-year-old told police Edwards called her son at least six times on the boy's cell phone, trying to set up a meeting.

The boys had found Edwards' telephone number on a bathroom wall in a store and initially called it as a joke, Sulcove said.

The father of the 14-year-old called Edwards pretending to be a teenage boy and arranged to meet Edwards at a convenience store in Greenvillage, Pa., police said. Before that meeting took place, Edwards called the father back and said he wanted to meet him right away, police said.

The man passed that information along to police, who advised the father to call Edwards and arrange a meeting at Southgate Mall where the department would have jurisdiction.

The father told the police that Edwards would be wearing an orange T-shirt and blue shorts. When Edwards drove up to the father, police were waiting nearby and took him into custody.

Edwards was convicted of indecent assault in 1999 in a case involving an adult, according to court records.

The attempted sexual assault charge is a second-degree misdemeanor carrying a maximum sentence of 10 years, Sulcove said. The corruption charge is a first-degree misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of five years, she said.

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