Reach Caregivers accepting applications for minor home repairs

April 17, 2008

REACH Caregivers' Faith In Action program often receives offers from community organizations, churches and private citizens to perform minor repairs on the homes of local qualifying residents.

The organization is searching for home repair projects for the spring to fall seasons. Absolutely no roof work will be done.

Eligible repair projects may include:

· Minor porch/railing/step repairs

· Weatherization

· Minor wheelchair ramp repairs

· Yard cleanup/waste removal

· Exterior scraping and painting

· Interior painting

· Staining/waterproofing


· Other requests considered

Labor and materials for these projects will be provided free of charge to selected, qualifying homeowners.

Criteria for eligible homeowners: senior citizen (age 55 or older); has a verifiable disability; is low-income.

Homes must be owner-occupied.

To be considered, call REACH Caregivers at 301-733-2371, ext. 100, for an application. Submission of this application does not guarantee your house will be selected.

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