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April 14, 2008

Last week's question:

How much tax money would it be wise to spend studying the economic impact on businesses of closing of the historic Funkstown bridge for five months?

(Editor's note: Since a recent update of our software, many who respond to this poll have indicated that they wanted to leave a comment, but then didn't. If those people changed their minds, that's OK, but if there is another problem, please let us know about it by e-mailing Thank you.)

Poll results

· I don't care. - 17 votes (57 percent)

· I'd rather leave a comment. - 13 votes (43 percent)


· OK. We know the bridge needs work before a school bus full of kids happen to be crossing it and the thing goes out on them. We also know that this is used quite a bit, even though it's a dinky little road. For all the hoo-hah it would take - not to mention money - to pay someone to tell us something that we already know, why don't we put some hustle into the project to get it done!


This week's question:

As local governments prepare their budgets, what is the silliest thing that elected officials are talking about using taxpayer dollars to fund?

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