Mail Call

April 14, 2008

"I went to a high school baseball game at Smithsburg High and was very disappointed on the entry to the field. We were made to walk clear out and around all the other sports fields, along a muddy swampy area. There is no way one could begin to bring a handicapped relative or friend. This is discrimination to the disabled, and not only them (but) to the older people who love to watch games. What does it take to get a nice blacktop, walkable path to the field? We used to go through the gate and walk down on the side of the football field. Heaven forbid we may mess that up. It was locked, which is another reason the only way to the field was swamp land. This is unacceptable." -- Smithsburg

"I'm watching Gen. Petraeus on TV, addressing Congress -- or at least a panel of it -- and I'm confused now. At first it was mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction. Now what is our actual goal that we're supposed to be accomplishing over there? Are we supposed to occupy the country so that democracy takes over? Is there an economic part to this, where we're supposed to get oil? For the amount of money that's being spent, I'd kind of like to know what I'm spending for, and that really hasn't been explained to me yet. Why are we there, what's the objective and what's the strategic goal? -- Hagerstown


"What we need to think about is, what will save lives, a communication tower or a beautiful landscape? Isn't that the question?" -- Hagerstown

"Regarding Death Curve and guns: Both different, but very much alike. I placed a loaded revolver beside my bed more than 50 years ago. It has not, in all that time, jumped up and shot or injured a single soul. I have driven Alternate 40 for more than 55 years, and Death Curve has never, ever reached out and caused me any harm. Time to wake up, people. It's those behind the guns and behind the steering wheel. It's not the guns or the highway."

"I will say it again: Just what is excessive force, when your life is on the line? These correctional officers risk their lives every day. They should be able to defend themselves." -- Halfway

"Well, it looks like the Summer Olympics are going to be overshadowed by politics again. The Olympics should be about and enjoyed by the athletes and spectators, and nothing else. The news media is going to change it to highlight the political protests, and that is another shame on them." -- Greencastle, Pa.

"The school system's proposed budget, a real piece of work, can be viewed on the Web site. It is too bad that so many out-of-county people have overlooked the world-class system that we have here. For example, in FY 2007, the actual nonresident student tuition collected was only $5,104." -- Rohrersville

"For all of you mad at the oil companies, here is some data I got from Newsbusters on the Web: Exxon makes a profit of about 9.5 cents per gallon, while the federal taxes on a gallon of gas is 18.5 cents, and if you factor in state taxes in Maryland, the taxes come to about 40 cents per gallon. Exxon pays out of its share 30 percent to exploration and increasing capacity, taxes to the government, along with dividends to its stockholders, etc. Now who's reaping a huge profit?"

"I graduated from Jefferson High School. In our day, we didn't have social pranks. I graduated in the late '70s. We did social nights, and we came together, we spent our last days together socializing, reminiscing, doing things that were not destructive. We had fun. We didn't do things to ... that the kids do today. I'm a teacher now, and I can understand why kids do the things they do, especially when parents back their children and their destructive ways." -- Frederick, Md.

"It's nice to see the teachers at E. Russell Hicks have such a positive influence on the students, and those are the teachers that will be remembered as the students grow." -- Boonsboro

"I'm a female, 60 years old. I've never been to jail. I've worked my whole life. What I want to know is why are we paying correctional officers? What is the point of paying them if they cannot do their job? Inmates, I thought, were losing their rights once they were incarcerated. It sounds to me like they have all the rights. I don't know anybody or have anybody personally that works there, but I tell you what, I think the inmates are running the prison, so why waste the taxpayers' money? Either them run it, or let law officials run it." -- Hagerstown

"With all the horrendous government intervention ('regulation') of banks, financial institutions, lenders, stock markets, etc., how do we end up with the subprime mortgage mess and the stupendous credit debacle? Think government had anything to do with it?" -- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I think the gas prices are just horrendous. Most people work hard each year for one week's vacation, and now this year, no one will be able to afford one." -- Funkstown

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