Washington County school officials talk about state of education

April 10, 2008

Elizabeth Morgan, Washington County Public Schools superintendent

"I'm very pleased that we're serving our students well, and that is the most important thing for me as an educator."

Roxanne R. Ober, Board of Education president

"I think the educational system has improved. It is the community's educational system. A strong educational system provides for a good business community. They go hand in hand."

Donna Brightman, Board of Education vice president

"To me we need a balanced score card. It's not just about tests. It's about a whole lot more than that. That's information. How do you take that information and help the children go to the next level? And I think we're really heading in that direction."


Paul W. Bailey, Board of Education member

"(The state of education in Washington County) is healthy. It's strong. It's moving forward with a bright outlook for the future."

Ruth Anne Callaham, Board of Education member

"We are poised on the leading edge of giving our children a world-class education they can apply in a diverse society that's changing by the minute."

Wayne D. Ridenour, Board of Education member

"I think that things are moving in the right direction. There are so many positive signs, so many good things that are happening."

William H. Staley, Board of Education member

"I think the state of education is very good right now. We've initiated a lot of good programs in the county, and we're going to initiate some more."

Bernadette M. Wagner, Board of Education member

"I think (the state of education in Washington County) is moving in the right direction. I think we're doing a good job of providing more academic options for students. I'd like to see more of an emphasis on after-school involvement and attending athletic events."

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