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April 09, 2008
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"Concerning the Funkstown bridge, couldn't the County Commissioners subsidize those businesses on Oak Ridge Drive for the five months the bridge repair is going to take? Base the figures on the previous 12 months, and the county could make up for any losses. This seems better than taking the risk of losing the $1 million federal funding. The businesses should be in agreement, because after all, when the bridge and road are finished, more traffic will probably be going by their shops."- Smithsburg

"Tim Rowland's article in Sunday's paper hits the nail right on the head. He should send a copy of that to every elected official in Annapolis." - Sharpsburg

"Good article in the Sunday paper on the cost overrun again at the courthouse. Thank goodness you're reporting it. Nice article, but we need to know, how much do we have in reserves at the city and county level in Washington County and Hagerstown? And also, what is our actual debt for everything in these county and city governments? That would be a wonderful story, and I think all the taxpayers would love to see it. Thanks a lot, and keep reporting." - Leitersburg


"George Bush, our president, is supposed to be a conservative president. He's got us in debt up to our eyeballs in this Iraqi fairy tale. What's so conservative about that?" - Hagerstown

"I read in The Herald-Mail that 300 people had their power cut off. What happened to the taxes that the businesses owe, thousands and millions of dollars, and did they shut their power off? I doubt it very much. Why not help these people with this power cutoff? Get the money for the taxes owed. I think Mayor Bruchey and the City Council, they ought to get it together and do their job. Help the people that don't have the money and get the businesses to pay their taxes." - Hagerstown

"I just want to comment on the article in Monday morning's paper, April 7, about the students over at Jefferson High School. This is breaking and entering, and this is malicious destruction. When are these parents gonna realize, stop taking up for their kids? They did something wrong. They need to pay for it. They did it to their house, they'd want somebody prosecuted, too. This is unheard of. They're out there protesting and saying that these kids ... they went through a roof, they went through a school after hours, they did stuff to the school, malicious destruction, breaking and entering - case closed. Prosecute the kids." - Hagerstown

"I do not understand how they have to spend hundreds of dollars for a study for the bridge in Funkstown. My goodness, just fix it, and if people can't read detour signs, which should be placed to show you how to get around the bridge, then they don't need the bridge anyway, so city, town, whoever's responsible, county, put up some detour signs and that will bring them back to the South End, where they can spend their money."

"Some of us were taught and still believe that we have legal obligations and moral obligations. Your bankruptees seem oblivious of the difference, and skate blithely by on the wings of jurisprudence." - Hedgesville, W.Va.

"I don't think we should be losing $1 million in grant money for the Funkstown bridge, to do an economic study. Even after a year of doing the economic study, it's still gonna come back that the businesses are going to lose money when the bridge is closed. What we need to do is work on the bypass. Also, at South Pointe, the South Pointe Drive comes to a dead end at Kuhn Avenue. All's they need to do is open that up temporarily, the South Pointe Drive to Kuhn Avenue, and that would alleviate the problems, and the South Pointe businesses would have their traffic flow."

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