Mail Call

April 09, 2008

"Here we go again. It's not bad enough for correctional officers to put up with TB, AIDS, being assaulted by inmates, being shot, and God knows what else. Now they want to prosecute them for excessive force. Get real, DPSCS. What did the inmates get, who started this all? Take care of the officers." - Hagerstown

"Department of Public Service, Public Safety and Correctional Services, and Sec. Maynard are thinking of terminating officers for excessive force. Correctional employees place their lives and careers on the line every day. Correctional officers in Maryland face the toughest challenges ever. Inmate numbers increase as staffs shrink. In a prison setting, this can be life-threatening. It's time to stand beside the officers and their family for a change."

"Well, congratulations to all of you who voted against home rule. Now we have to have our entire state government involved in deciding how to replace the old stone bridge at Funkstown. Well, this is what you asked for, this is what you're gonna get, and now it's gonna lag on forever, and that bridge will never get taken care of the way it was supposed to. Hope you're happy. That's what we're in for, for a long, long time." - Hagerstown


"To the person who thinks railroads will replace long-haul trucks: Never will that happen. Your efficiency figures are high; I heard a railroad executive mention that trains are four times more efficient than trucks, not 10. It does make a lot of sense, less fuel used and much less pollutants placed in the air. Why will it never happen? Politicians will never permit a huge industry with all those jobs to disappear. It is all politics." - Greencastle, Pa.

"What a choice we are going to have in the presidential elections. The two Democrats are proposing to increase spending for health care and other social programs. The Republican candidate is determined to continue the expensive mess in Iraq. A tax increase will be necessary no matter who wins, and we lose."

"I'm calling about the person who put in Mail Call that who cares about if truckers go on strike for long-distance trucking; it's on its way out, that they're using trains as a source of transportation. I am a trucker. They are using the trains as a source of transportation. You also said that they use medium trucks for local deliveries. But who do you think picks these trailers up at railroad yards? It's the long-haul (truckers). Before you put something in here you don't know what you're talking about, you ought to think a little bit." - Hagerstown

"I see we have some more disjointed, incoherent ramblings from a certain county commissioner. Why is he always the one who's the mouthpiece for that group? Is it because no one can understand anything he's saying?" - Hagerstown

"It seems our legislators are all trying to get new laws introduced, as seen in the back pages of The Herald-Mail; text messages, cell phones and so forth. Most of these are unenforceable. I wish one of them would propose a bill to enforce the laws already on the books, like cars driving in the rain (including police cars) without lights, and so forth - speeders and everybody else." - Halfway

"The more things I hear that Del. LeRoy Myers supports, the more I realize that he needs to go. The latest is the bill to keep the Funkstown bridge open until a study is completed. Wake up, Clear Spring, Hancock, Little Orleans, and Cumberland. Send this man packing in the next election." - Clear Spring

"Please bring back the 55 mph speed limit. Maybe we can save some gas mileage, and save some lives. Of course, that would take some good traffic policing, like they do in the state of Virginia." - Hagerstown

"Subject: Funkstown bridge; also Kristin Aleshire. Why is it that every time something that the people want and need, our county or a local politician will come up and give all these justified reasons why they can't do this or they can't do that, but they can buy a property that is way overrated in price right now, and act like they don't have the money and they have to get a government subsidy ... Can't they take that money out of their funds and fix the bridge?" - Broadfording Road

"The Maryland General Assembly has ended its regular 2008 session, during which the governor and the legislature have done everything possible to hit law-abiding Marylanders with more taxes and regulations, while leaving the state a more welcoming place for illegal aliens and criminal felons. Legislation requiring that Marylanders present proof that they are legally in the country in order to receive certain welfare benefits was killed. A bill denying good-time credits to violent sexual predators is apparently dead as well." - Sharpsburg

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