Washington Township men ordered to clean up their properties

April 08, 2008

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- A pair of Washington Township, Pa., property owners have again gone before the township supervisors regarding concerns about debris on their land.

Bruce Neibert and Billy Nicholas have been in court with the township over similar matters. The supervisors asked them to attend Monday's meeting, then gave the men until the end of the month to clean up the trash.

Neibert operates a salvage yard on Pa. 316 south of Waynesboro. The supervisors' issues with Nicholas concern his residential property off Tower Road in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.

Neibert was told to clean up junk that extends beyond his approved treeline boundaries. Nicholas also was told to remove excess debris.


"I don't think we should have to complain for you to do something," Supervisor Stephen Kulla said.

A court order from 2002 gave the township the right to take and sell offending junk from Nicholas's property after 45 days had passed from the date of the court's ruling, Solicitor John Lisko said.

Similarly, the township has $5,000 of Neibert's money held in an escrow account that can be used for cleanup after 10 days advanced notice to him, Lisko said.

"I've been hauling," Neibert said. "I've been hauling heavy."

"This is your last warning. ... This has been ongoing for the past four years. You need to keep it clean," Supervisor Chris Firme said to Neibert.

-- Jennifer Fitch

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