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April 08, 2008

"Shame on the Westfields parent who is concerned about the student population that may attend Rockland Woods - oh, I mean Harvard Elementary of Washington County. These comments surely point out that socio-economic and segregationist mentality is still alive and well in our fair county. I have lived in Hagerstown and Washington County my entire life and attending school in three different city schools that were extremely diverse. These school prepared me well enough to later earn a bachelor's in mathematics and master's degree in management. The taxpayers are spending millions of dollars building or renovating three new elementary schools in Washington County, and the board needs to place students so that proper balance can be achieved and avoid the current overcrowd situation. I am glad that board members don't agree with this parent's comment, and I encourage the board to do everything possible to fill Rockland Woods to the designed capacity." - Hagerstown


"I recently read in this paper that Jefferson County is considering spending cutbacks and reduction of services. I wonder why Washington County is not doing the same thing?" - Beaver Creek

"This is to the county commissioners. You want to spend $4-point-some million for old buildings downtown and remodel them, which is not worth it, but yet you won't put a little money in these older schools that's in decent shape that needs a little work done to them, but you want to tear them down and build new ones, which doesn't make sense. I think you people ought to get your heads together and figure this stuff out, instead of robbing the taxpayers." - Washington County

"How can one small shopping center create more jobs than the prison complex, the hospital, and Citi combined? With a Costco and big-box store, each maybe hiring 200 people each and the rest of the shops hiring much less, I'd like to know how the 9,000 number was arrived at."

"I read in the morning paper, April 3, that the city council is putting on hold the annexation of the new shopping center at I-70 and Route 40, because they want public feedback. Well, here's some public feedback, from a voter in the city. We need to bring this in and put land on the tax rolls, and put people to work paying taxes. As a homeowner and a taxpayer in the city ... continue to pay the bill when land goes unused. We need to have it, it needs to be done. Council, do your job. Bring it in, and have people pay taxes." - Hagerstown

"Two recent articles got my attention. I am outraged that Del. Shank and Myers have introduced a bill to force the county commissioners to conduct a study before closing the Funkstown bridge for repairs. I understand their desire to respond to their constituents' complaints, but my objection is that their meddling in strictly local affairs will cause a delay in this project, and ultimately cost more. Though they're my tax dollars they're wasting, whatever decisions the county commissioners make, that is why they are elected. If they make the wrong decision, let the voters hold them accountable. Let them run for county commissioner. Senate president Mike (Miller) has it right when he's quoted in an unrelated matter, saying until all counties adopt charter government, we're gonna have to continue to do this. Does he mean Shank and Myers wasting my tax dollars?" - Hagerstown

"To quote Will Rogers, when you get into trouble 5,000 miles from home, you've got to have been looking for it." - Hagerstown

"It is my opinion that people need to think about how much good the communications tower will provide, in reference to something like billboards, that mess up the landscape." - Hagerstown

"Perhaps there'd be more interest in the talent show at The Maryland Theatre if it was opened up to all in the community. I know a city whose theater seats 1,200 is sold out three nights in a row for their local talent competition, which is open to all ages. Perhaps if you make this a community event, the community would be more likely to attend." - Hagerstown

"I'm not an economist, and I certainly don't work for the government, but from the economic side, it's very clear that not only are we in a recession, we have been in a recession, and the latest scandals in the home mortgage industry have led us right into a depression; a depression which is being averted - rather hidden, by the fed giving hundreds of billions of dollars to the lending institutions, and not helping the mortgage borrowers."

"In reference to the person that needed food and she said that they could not get the food, what you need to do is do drugs and go in with a baby, and they will help you. That's pretty much what they told me five years ago when I went in to get - all I asked for was a gallon of milk and some tuna fish monthly for about two months, and they said they couldn't help me because I wasn't pregnant and I didn't do drugs. So there you go." - Halfway

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