Washington County deed conveyances for March 2008

April 07, 2008

Shanan A. Peck, 13726 Orchard Ridge Road, Hancock, to David and Lisa Storck, for $360,000.

Kenneth E. Myers, 12014 Wolfsville Road, Smithsburg, to Linda M. Brill for $120,000.

Virgil M. and Cathie L. Carson, 307 Chieftan Lane, Boonsboro, to Lawrence A. and Joyce F. Neumark, for $330,000.

William L. Whittington Jr., 425 Ridge Ave., Hagerstown, to James T. Fahey, for $160,000.

James T. Fahey, 208 Brookside and 210 Ter, Hagerstown, to William L. Whittington Jr., $300,000.

John D. Smith, 22623 Stevenson Road, Smithsburg, to The John R. Oliver Company Inc., for $100,000.

John D. Smith, 22619 Stevenson Road, Smithsburg, to The John R. Oliver Company Inc., for $100,000.

Timothy Lee and Marisa Cebulski, 13807 Eden Drive, Hagerstown, to Adam A. and Lauren O. Hopkins, for $292,500.

Donna Charlene Hegge, 22040 Holiday Drive, Smithsburg, to Clifford D. Cadwell, for $190,000.

Matthew R. and Julie L. Wagner, 20605 Jefferson Blvd., Hagerstown, to Michael W. Sanders, for $194,000.


James A. Taylor Sr., 339 S. Burhans East Blvd., Hagerstown, to Youngbar Properties LLC, for $90,000.

Alice V. Scalese, 949 Chestnut St., Hagerstown, to Christopher Myers, for $114,900.

William R. McNamee, 1408 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown, to The Bowman Group LLC, for $220,000.

Ausherman Homes Inc., 205 Burton Way, Boonsboro, to Matthew and Ein Lincoln, for $400,300.

Frederick W. Rishel, 3033 Chestnut Grove Road, Keedysville, to David J. and Debra M. McGrogan, for $430,000.

Lynn E. Jr. and Terri L. Rutherford, Jefferson Blvd., Hagerstown, to Private Reserve LLC, for $59,900.

Cortland Manor Development LLC, 13005 Little Hayden Circle, Hagerstown, to Ernesto Staana San Miguel, for $195,000.

Dorothy C. Davis, 13122 Fountain Head Road, Hagerstown, to Richard S. Thompson, for $419,000.

Lee & Lee LLC, 234 Frederick St., Hagerstown, to Kerry Lee Beard for $145,000.

Pallie Forrester, 18 W. Water St., Smithsburg, to Homestead Builders LLC, for $135,000.

Ronald W. Jr. and Kimberly A. Shifflett, 16810 Virginia Ave., Williamsport, to Julian A. Ayers, for $200,000.

Deborah L. Nalley, 635 Guilford Ave., Hagerstown, to Zachary L. Buhrman, for $150,000.

Raymond Campbell Jr., 11831 Bradford Drive, Hagerstown, to Amy B. Rohrer, for $267,000.

Thomas H. Jr. and Jane E. Bond, 17506 Stone Valley Drive, Hagerstown, to Mary Jacqueline Adkins, for $216,000.

Jamie D. and Tiffany A. Reiff, 720 Sunset Ave., Hagerstown, to William R. Sr. and Anna E. McNamee, for $202,500.

Desiree D. Santos, 11404 Collier Court, Hagerstown, to Jorge Pinos Sr., for $470,000.

De Novo Investments LLC, 513 Reynolds Ave., Hagerstown, to Allen G. Holman III, for $275,000.

Landamerica Onestop Inc. Trust, 11022 Baldwin Drive, Hagerstown, to Dennis K. and Vickey L. Haygood, for $392,500.

Gregory M. Moore, 1420 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, to Michael J. II and Catherine McDonald, for $185,000.

DRB Financial Corporation, 18222 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to Meghan O'Brien, for $190,239.

DRB Financial Corporation, 18226 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to Monica Wiley, for $193,883.

Julia L. Waters, 17615 York Road, Hagerstown, to Jason P. and Jennifer L. Kelley, for $188,000.

Tammi Pauline Spangler, 11912 Turners Lane, Hagerstown, to Kurt J. Sundstrom, for $130,000.

Charles Muiruri, 301-303 Ridge Ave., Hagerstown, to Bryon C. Black, for $167,500.

Alix Elias, 21108 Park Hall Road, Boonsboro, to Lambert Eric and Sher L. Hendrickson, for $233,000.

Randy S. Gilliam, 11019 Bragg Court, Williamsport, to Stephanie Feldman, for $201,200.

Kevin V. and Rosemary Hoflich, 386 N. Prospect St., Hagerstown, to Allan D. Martinez, for $120,000.

Lee A. II and Lisa M. Stottlemyer, 11806 Clearview Road, Hagerstown, to Barbara and Catherine Wilde, for $179,000.

Brian and Etienne Marofsky, 539 Reynolds Ave., Hagerstown, to Laura Bassel, for $267,500.

Vaughn Bruce and Tracy R. Parker, 130 Clarkson Ave., Hagerstown, to Michael E. and Lisa M. Grams, for $56,500.

Chris C. and Pauline M. Harrington, 9726 Clover Heights Road, Hagerstown, to Eric VanMetre, for $290,000.

Kerry A. and Rodney A. Miller, 5 Main St., Keedysville, to Carl G. French III, for $45,000.

Donald J. Houser 17819 Spielman Road, Fairplay, to Shawn Daniel Hendricks, for $133,500.

DRB Financial Corporation, 18228 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to John and Noelle Stone, for $198,732.

DRB Financial Corporation, 18224 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to James M. Jones, for $185,511.

Thomas Lee Stouffer, 10614 Honeyfield Road, Williamsport, to Gregory W. and Deborah E. Keller, for $116,800.

River Bottom LLC, Island Potomac River, Hancock, to Riverside Airpark LLC, for $25,000.

Vincent Scott Gordon, 116 Washington St., Hancock, to Neely LLC, for $95,000.

Paula L. Rothwell, 16438 Heather Ridge Road, Hagerstown, to Michelle L. Rider, for $130,000.

Chance Barnhart, 100 Elizabeth St., Hagerstown, to Jacquelyn L. Druktenis, for $98,000.

Donald and Marie Shostak, 9936 Stephanie Lane, Hagerstown, to Dominic S. and Kimberley J. Runfola, for $250,000.

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