The birds and the bee

April 06, 2008|By JULIE E. GREENE

Not all of the birds flew south this winter. With their images, Tri-State-area amateur photographers reminded us of that.

They also showed us that, soon, visitors to Hagerstown's City Park will be seeing ducklings paddling about and bees buzzing around.

We want to run readers' best recent photographs from the Tri-State area. This is a chance for amateur photographers to share their best images. Quality is key. Sharp, large, color images look best. Close-up photos show detail better. If the subject is small, get close or use a telephoto lens to make the subject large in the photo. Digital photos must be sharp, at least 6 inches wide with a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (dpi). Files should be in JPEG or TIF formats and sent as e-mail attachments. We will not have space for family portraits, posed scenes or news photos that are published elsewhere in the newspaper.


There are three ways to submit a photo:

· Drop it off at The Herald-Mail office at 100 Summit Ave. in Hagers-town.

· Mail it to The Herald-Mail Co., c/o Lifestyle, P.O. Box 439, Hagers-town, MD 21741.

· E-mail it to with "submitted photo" in the subject line.

With the photo, tell us your name, a daytime phone number and a brief description of the story behind the photo. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want your photo returned.


This bee was so close to Ann Whisner when she photographed it that she could have reached out and touched it, the Hagerstown resident said. Whisner, 44, took the photo in June 2007 at the home of her sister, Karen Brockway, who lives north of Hagerstown.

Look really carefully and you might see the junco sitting among the branches above and between the cardinals. Hazel Bungor said she and her husband, Larry, were both taking pictures on this February day so she's not sure who took this photo. The birds, including the woodpecker on the lilac tree's trunk, were outside their breakfast room window east of Hagerstown.

Susan Barklow used a Canon EOS Digital SLR with a Quantaray 70300 mm lens to photograph this eagle during a day trip to Cacapon State Park near Berkeley Springs, W.Va., in October 2007 with her husband, Nathan. Barklow, of the Martinsburg, W.Va., area, took the photo from an observation deck.

It's about that time of year again. Sharon Meyers, 44, of Hagerstown, photographed these ducklings with their mama at Hagerstown's City Park in April 2007.

These hummingbirds were so active at the feeders outside Thelma Wagner's home that she could hear a constant hum, Wagner wrote in an e-mail. Wagner, who lives east of Hancock, used a Kodak digital camera to take this photo on a rainy day last August.

Tony Grimes saw this bird flying around his home near Hagerstown's Fairgrounds Park late last year, the day before he captured it with his Kodak digital camera. Grimes, 36, thinks it was a hawk he photographed through the window.

Sharon Meyers likes to walk around Hagerstown's City Park after dropping her daughter off at school. She took this picture on Jan. 18. "These birds came flying towards me and I snapped the button. Just then, they landed right in front of me. It was great," she wrote in an e-mail.

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