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April 04, 2008|By MELITA WISHARD / 301-790-0079

Fire company honors volunteers

Maugansville Fire Chief Phil Ridenour presented the following administrative awards to members Jan. 26:

Presidential Service Award - The award is a presidential honor that recognizes the contributions of volunteers who are answering President Bush's call to serve others through their volunteer activities or lifetime service. As a certifying organization, Maugansville Fire Co. identifies eligible recipients, verifies their service hours and distributes the award to volunteers.

The award is based on hours volunteering and age of volunteers. There are three categories of awards. They are listed below along with the recipients and hours spent volunteering last year:

Bronze awards

Elizabeth Roane, 103.32 hours; Charles Moquin, 157.33 hrs; Craig Sipes, 109.41 hrs; Michael Weller, 162.35 hrs; Austin Mcoy, 109.43 hrs; Nicholas Martin. 168.48 hrs; Elsie Horst 116.60 hrs; Mathew Malcolm. 171.58 hrs; Billie Fox, 116.86 hrs; Shelby Resh, 172.87 hrs; Nancy Ridenour, 125.08 hrs; David Baer, 188.01 hrs; Teresa Fox, 128.10 hrs; Kyle Snodderly, 190.23 hrs; Arthur Raines, 131.55 hrs; Nancy Baer, 205.35 hrs; Lowell Baer, 134.35 hrs; Richard Bishop, 210.63 hrs; Christopher Baer, 139.88 hrs; Connie Garrett, 217.35 hrs; Leonard Horst, 147.17 hrs; Melissa Banzhoff, 224.75 hrs; Charles Burleson, 154.69 hrs; Charles Shindle Jr., 235.63 hrs; Ian Swisher, 155.47 hrs; Kevin Wilkins, 243.66 hrs; Michelle Thompson, 157.19 hrs; Charles Shindle Sr. 247.18 hrs.


Silver awards

Larry Franks, 197.63 hrs; Travis Keefer, 274.34 hrs; Lacey Reese, 178.73 hrs; Jean Ridenour, 284.20 hrs; Timothy Fair, 180.14 hrs; Gilson Spidle Jr., 289.24 hrs; Scott Reese, 199.43 hrs; Keith Hose, 289.65 hrs; William Gossard, 222.05 hrs; Thomas Rowland, 291.26 hrs; Adam Repp, 228.95 hrs; Claire O'Connell, 341.00 hrs; Andrew Gossard, 244.85 hrs; Herbert Cooper, 356.99 hrs; Wayne Myers, 259.59 hrs; Jesse Jeffries, 382.03 hrs.

Gold awards

Chelsea Munson, 281.55 hrs; Thomas Garrett, 484.67 hrs; Allen Carpenter, 321.90 hrs; James Cline, 534.07 hrs; Heather Ridenour, 343.27 hrs; Richard Martorana, 584.54 hrs; Jaysen Cochran, 363.12 hrs; William Garrett, 593.63 hrs; Andrew Repp, 387.35 hrs;Elwood Carpenter, 610.92 hrs; Keith Cooper, 393.38 hrs; Brandon Hull, 652.55 hrs; Donald Saum, 395.81 hrs; Phillip Ridenour, 876.40 hrs; Timothy Cooper, 411.26 hrs.

· The Margaret and Babe Carpenter Award was presented to William Garret for his ingenuity and dedication in organizing the fire company's first gun raffle.

· The Maugansville Creamery was presented an honorary membership plaque for its outstanding support of the organization.

· Charles Shindle Sr. was honored for 23 years of dedicated service as treasurer of the fire company.

· DH Web for hosting the fire company Web site at

· Elsie Horst for her 30 years of dedicated service to the organization.

· A special President's Award went to Brian D. Pile in recognition of his diligence and hard work performed as vice president.

· Emergency Medical Services personnel received a clock and certificates for pulling duty shifts on the ambulance: Wayne Myers, 195.5 hours; Tom Rowland 229.5 hours.

· Member Claire O'Connell pulled a total of 271.5 hours of duty shifts and respectfully informed the company that she wanted the money that would be spent for her award to be placed in the fire company's bank account to purchase the new fire engine.

Spaghetti feed set for Saturday

The Maugansville Ruritan is holding an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner at the Maugansville Fire Department Saturday from 3 to 7 p.m.

The dinner includes all the spaghetti you can eat, tossed salad, Italian bread and a beverage. Tickets cost $6 for those 13 and older, $3 for those 6 to 12, and are free for children 5 and younger. Baked goods will also be for sale.


Jeannie Ridenour's birthday is on April 5.

Madison Baker, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ridenour will be 9 on April 7.

Joyce Ridenour is celebrating her birthday on April 8. Happy birthday!

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