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April 03, 2008|By McClatchy Newspapers

'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street'

Johnny Depp shows that he can sing, and Tim Burton shows why he's the perfect director to adapt Stephen Sondheim's offbeat Broadway hit for the screen. Helena Bonham Carter co-stars as the pie shop proprietor in Victorian London who finds ingenious uses for the bodies that Depp's vengeful barber dispatches. The single-disc DVD comes with a documentary, "Burton + Depp + Carter Todd"; the two-disc version adds nine additional features covering the history of the project, the making of the movie and more. (One and two discs, Paramount Home Entertainment, $29.99/$39.99, rated R)

'Resurrecting the Champ'

An ambitious young journalist (Josh Hartnett) discovers that a homeless man he meets may actually be a former boxing great (Samuel L. Jackson) believed to be dead. Although the film is inspired by a real story, it omits some critical details. Bonus features include a making-of feature and interviews with cast members, director Rod Lurie and boxing/stunt coordinator Eric Bryson. (Fox Home Entertainment)


'Alvin and the Chipmunks'

The singing chipmunk trio of Alvin, Simon and Theodore are back, though they were cuter in their old animated guise than in this live-action, CGI-animated format. The little rodents are voiced by Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler and Jesse McCartney, while Jason Lee plays Dave Seville, their stage manager and surrogate dad. DVD bonus features include two behind-the-scenes features about the Chipmunks' illustrious history and music. (Fox Home Entertainment, $29.98, rated PG)

Also new this week

'John From Cincinnati'
(HBO Video)

'Terry Jones' Medival Lives'
(BBC Video)

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