Mail Call

March 14, 2008

"How funny is it that Geraldine Ferraro said Sen. Obama is doing as well as he is because he is black. What about the fact that Sen. Clinton is doing well because she is a woman? Just think, that statement came from someone with enough intelligence to be an ex-vice presidential candidate. I guess the smarter we get, the dumber we seem."

"I'd just like to congratulate the seventh-grade Smithsburg Middle School boys on taking second place in their tournament. And to a great coach they have, Coach, you did a great job this year." - Smithsburg

"The BOE wants more money for sports. What is wrong with children engaging in sports activities at home? What's wrong with children having activities at home, instead of sitting in front of computers, playing games? As a school-age child, we had family activities together; hiking, biking, swimming, playing ball. All this was free, but most important, made family ties stronger. Why waste tax dollars for more sports activities?" - Williamsport


"This is in reference to the 90-year-old veteran who can't participate in the veterans' trip to a veterans' memorial in Washington, D.C., because he lives 100 yards outside of the city limits. When he was fighting for our country in the war, there was no boundaries; why now? He certainly deserves to go. I hope they change it for him." - Clear Spring

"Tim was right on the money in Tuesday's paper, about the downtown properties. We should organize a citizens' protest." - Hagerstown

"When Clinton and Carter were in office, gas wasn't $2.40 a gallon, either. This person who thinks Bush is so wonderful, maybe you should go and see if he'll help you out. I guarantee you he's not going to." - Hagerstown

"The Washington County administrator and the county commissioners ask all departments to come in with their budget requests 'flat' - in other words, the same as last year. The BOE is not doing this. They're asking for more than $7 million in addition to what they got last year. If this passes, you will see your property taxes go up at least 7 cents per hundred." - Washington County

"How is it possible that a woman stole almost $2,000 from a elderly man in an in-home care service, and was (allowed) to continue working in that field to pay restitution? That just boggles my mind." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Just wondering, does Bob Maginnis and the editorial board (I assume there is one) ever disagree with anything the County Commissioners plan to do?" - Hagerstown

"To the caller who doesn't think that the sheriff's department and teachers need a raise: Well, I got news for you. Any time the sheriff's department gets a raise, they have it coming to them. How would you like to go out there every day in a world as crazy as we live in, with as much crime as there is, and lay your life on the line for a bunch of ungrateful people? And those poor guys don't make enough to start with. So any time you want to do their job on their salary, why don't you go over there and apply? As far as your teachers go, who are you to determine what they make? You don't know what they go through in the course of the day." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Congratulations to Coach Mike Kidd, assistant coach John J.G. Grove, and the Heritage Academy Eagles boys, for winning the Maryland Christian State Tournament Division One title. Way to go, Eagles. What a great season." - Keedysville

"Gas prices were $1.55 when President Bush entered office. They're now $4 a gallon expected this summer. Mission accomplished." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"I do not believe that our founding fathers had any idea that serving in the U.S. Congress would become a lifetime occupation. Their idea was that a citizen would interrupt his life for a short period of time to serve his country, and then return to normal mode of living, allowing others to serve in his stead. You see what it has become: A bunch of greedy money handlers - other people's money, that is. You cannot trust the government."

"I'm calling about the message left here about the oil companies: 'If the oil companies don't soon quit robbing the American citizens, we will have another revolution.' That person can have another revolution come November, by voting for Barack Obama and getting some real change in D.C. We can get a good revolution going without all the bloodshed." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Just because Washington County has a high teen pregnancy rate automatically means taxpayers' funds teach teens where babies come from. Now, since the bullying topic has come up, suggestions are being made for a program to teach kids how to not bully. What is all this government intervention on raising kids? Where do parents fit in in all of this? What examples are set for kids?" - Hagerstown

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