Letters to the Editor

March 08, 2008

In memory of Tom Carter

To the editor:

Tom Carter was a great man. As I was at his funeral and listening to everyone tell how he touched their hearts, it was very moving. Later as I was driving to the cemetery I said to myself, "Why didn't you say what was in your heart?"

I have beat myself up since then, because I was sorry for not standing up and sharing my memories of Tom. So as I thought and thought, I felt this letter would be the way to let the whole world know Tom Carter. The wonderful role model he was to my children, Katrina and Ronnie Lee. We always enjoyed going to Tom and Betty's house. The love we felt was one I wish all families could experience. For the fun we had together, we didn't need computers, cell phones, text messages or video games. We had each other.


We had the close love of a family and as my children grew so did the love and respect they had for Tom. So often Katrina or Ronnie Lee would see Tom shopping or delivering papers and just couldn't wait to call me and tell me they saw him.

Every time with Tom was a happy time. A time to joke, laugh and talk. We would sit in the Carter family room, play family games and communicate with one another. Children today should be able to experience what my children did with a man like Tom.

He taught them how to care, love, be kind and to be respectful of other people's feelings. What my children have learned I know we and he passed on to my grandchildren, Jennifer, Jessie, Haley and Rhett.

He set an example that will stay with them all of their lives. So often they have a story about Tom that always makes them smile and put another beautiful memory of him in their minds. What my children remember most growing up was that Uncle Tom and Betty Jean's house was the place they could lay their heads down, have a full belly, always be welcome and be treated as if they were their kids, too.

Tom lived his live to the fullest. His legacy will live on through my children. He will be missed and will always hold a special place in our hearts. We love you and want to thank you for all you did for us.

Vickie L. Carter (Sampson)

Acknowledge the power of prayer

To the editor:

I believe the role of spirituality in our lives is very important. I believe that without belief in God, our presence on earth becomes somewhat meaningless.

All of our blessings - spouses, children, friends, health and material items - are a result of God working in our lives. To many people the previous statement is a falsehood. Many believe they have complete control over their lives and are responsible for their successes in life. They believe God has no influence on their lives. I disagree.

The power of prayer, I believe, has been demonstrated over time to bring about remarkable healing and the end of brokenness in lives and families.

I have attended church most of my life. Has that prevented pain from occurring in my life? No. To this point in my life, all of my pain (and some of it was very serious) has been healed with time. Many believers in God believe God has a master plan for each and every one of us. If you come to that belief, I believe that makes life more comfortable.

I also believe God expects each and every one of us to use the talents we have to the fullest extent. I don't claim to have all the answers. However, I am willing to think about my relationship with God and try to build upon it over time.

Meredith Fouche

Alaskan oil is a pipe dream

To the editor:

Every so often, a letter-writer or a Mail Caller complains about how most of the Alaskan oil being shipped to Asia and that only 10 percent of it is refined here.

Well, let me first state the reason for it. There is simply not enough refining capacity on the West coast to refine Alaskan oil and the shipment of crude oil over land to other parts of the U.S. is too expensive. Thus, the oil companies, in order to maximize their profit, ship the Alaskan crude to Asia.

Even if we were able to refine the Alaskan oil in the USA, the price of the gas will not be affected at all, since it is controlled by the international market. A case in point, Norway and to some extent England get their oil from the North Sea, yet the price of gas is very similar to that fuel in most of Europe.

It is a naive idea to expect lower gas prices, even if we find plenty of oil in Alaska. since the price of the gas is controlled by the international corporations that have no national loyalty, except to their stockholders. One can only find cheap gas in countries where crude oil is nationalized.

S. V. Yumlu

Crying is a disqualification

To the editor:

Does this country want a president who will sit down and cry every time there is a crisis?

After seeing Hillary Clinton crying before the New Hampshire election, I know she is not the person to be elected president of our great country.

Paul H. Beach
Zullinger, Pa.

All should be blessed with same rights

To the editor:

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