Historian talks about ancient writings at St. Catherine Orthodox Church event

March 02, 2008

On Sunday, Feb. 3, St. Catherine Orthodox Church in Hagerstown welcomed speaker John Rybicki, church historian and former faculty of philosophy and religion at George Mason University in Virginia.

After the celebration of the Divine Liturgy and a potluck luncheon, which included Greek and middle-eastern fare, Rybicki shared a PowerPoint presentation on the Didache.

The Didache (pronounced dee-da-keh) is the oldest writings that have survived on the teachings of the Christian faith. The document dates back to as early as 50 to 150 A.D., which predates the Gospels. The oldest full original copy that exists is in Greek and it was discovered in Constantinople in 1873.

The Didache was the basic instruction manual about Christian life that was used to prepare and welcome individuals for baptism and church membership.


St. Catherine Orthodox Church will be hosting Rybicki again later this fall.

Copies of the Didache are available at the church or via the Web at www.early

Inquirers sessions are offered regularly by Rev. Fr. Dennis Buck.

St. Catherine is at 433 Liberty St. in Hagerstown. All are welcome for Saturday Vespers or Sunday Divine Liturgy.

For more information, call 301-790-2616 or go to on the Web.

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