Mail Call

February 29, 2008

"With teenagers often getting a bad rap today, I would like to say how proud I am of my granddaughter, a junior at Smithsburg High School, for giving blood to the American Red Cross this week. I understand that quite a few students and teachers donated blood. Congrats, guys."

"We in Boonsboro love our little town because it's quiet, safe, friendly and prideful. Yes, we had a major fire happen, but now, this week, operations are back to usual. In fact, I went to the bookstore in town, a restaurant in town, and to the library today, and everybody was just going about business as usual. So don't feel sorry for us. We'll rebuild and we will be stronger than ever. We are not fearful. We look forward to all of you coming to visit us for Boonesborough Days this coming summer." - Boonsboro

"I love reading in Mail Call about the crazy drivers, so I have an experience to pass on. Coming across Interstate 70, a woman almost sideswiped me. I was clearly in my lane. I looked over at her as I swerved to get away from her. She was dialing her cell phone. And then coming down Md. 65, someone, in their infinite wisdom, was parked crossways in the southbound lane waiting to get in the northbound lane of Md. 65. This caused a real mess." - Hagerstown


"I'm calling in reference to the fact that we are faced with this 6 percent sales tax, and do the citizens of Maryland realize that the companies that collect this sales tax - i.e., Wal-Mart, Kmart, etc., etc. - get a .07 percent kickback from the State of Maryland if they send in their sales tax. I think it's appalling. Instead of increasing the sales tax, why didn't we eliminate the kickback? The State of Maryland calls it an incentive. To me, it's a kickback." - Keedysville

"At the debate the other night, Hillary Clinton whined about always being asked the questions first. If she would be elected president, wouldn't she always be asked questions first, at a presidential press conference? I think she just proved she couldn't handle it." - Hagerstown

"Yes, property taxes are going up. How can the taxes go up when they assess according to the value of your property? Now some people's taxes are going up $300 for county and state, and some are going up more, and some are going up less. Anyways, there has to be something that can be done. If your house was valued at $400,000 two years or three years ago, now it's worth $200,000, and the taxes didn't go down, they just keep going up. Something's got to be stopped." - Hagerstown

"For seven years, George Bush told us about how his tax cuts for the rich would help all Americans, and help our economy. He talked about how our economy was growing stronger by the day. He talked about more people owning their homes. Well, seven years later, we all know what that meant: Absolutely nothing. Foreclosures are at a record high. People are losing their homes quicker than they can buy them. The economy is going down the (drain.)" - Sharpsburg

"I see in Wednesday's paper where the City of Hagerstown is going to sell homes that they bought off the taxpayers' money. They're going to take a 25-percent reduction off the assessment price, assessments of the house. Is the City trying to tell me, as a city taxpayer, that the City assessed my house and everybody else in Hagerstown 25 percent higher than what it should be? Because if you're buying these houses and you're selling them and not making a profit ... I think The Herald-Mail should put it in there how much you pay for the houses and how much the houses are." - Hagerstown

"I'd just like to say congratulations to the Boonsboro girls' J.V. team - see that it was in Mail Call listed that this was the best record in history, but you might want to check the team coached by Phil Aversa in about 1983, that was actually 18 and 0 and undefeated for the season. So although this team did very well, they didn't have the best record in J.V. history." - Boonsboro

"U.S. home prices dropped 8.9 percent in the final quarter of 2007, compared with a year ago, according to the Standard & Poor Case-Shiller home price index released yesterday. That marked the steepest decline in the index's 20-year history, but yet tax assessments aren't going down." - Sharpsburg

"If the far-left liberals are one step away from communism, who were the people who failed to serve during the Vietnam war? Which president went to a communist country and supported a trade deal? Huh." - Hagerstown

"If gas and food prices keep rising, the word 'vacation' will just be a thing of the past." - Funkstown

"I am thankful for Homeland Security's U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement work, as well as the Border Patrol and local law enforcement for being daily heroes who war against drugs, human trafficking, weapons, gangs, sexual predators, terrorists and other criminals. But I wish that Congress would get it together and update our 1978 foreign spying capabilities. We are not safe without it being high-tech." - Hagerstown

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