What do you think when you hear the name Cokey Robertson?

February 29, 2008

Morgan Wootten, former DeMatha coach, winningest high school coach in Maryland

"Cokey is a great human being, great coach. Any parent would be very fortunate to have their son, or daughter for that matter, play for Cokey. He's a special guy .... never about him, all about the team. Guys like that don't come along that often."

Dave Rogers, Martinsburg boys coach

"Dedicated and willing to put in the time to be the best. His teams always fundamentally sound with a great love of the game .... He's been great for the game."

Chip Chambers, former player

"Professionalism. I just remember how we would teach being on time to practice, to participate."

Mitch Belella, grandson, current player

"Great coach. Influential man. Really cares about kids. A hard worker. This will be the best basketball experience I will ever have. Being his grandson and playing for him are completely different. He teaches you things on and off the court that will help you in life."


Scott Mowbray, Williamsport boys coach and former Goretti assistant

"I think integrity, passion for the game and someone who is genuine and caring - that's Cokey."

Kevin Breslin, current player

"'Get him out of there.' That's the one thing he always says in games. With him, it's tough love all the time. He wants the best for you but he is hard handed. It's great. You can always get a hold of him when you need him. He's always there to push us."

Tom Dickman, Hood men's coach and former Thomas Johnson coach

"Just from being around this area Cokey is the 'coaches coach.' The high school coaches have a great deal of respect for what he has done with good players and not so good players that he has turned into good teams. He has passed the test of time."

Chad Brashears, former player and current assistant coach

"I think coach, basketball lover ... to me it's probably more coach because I played for him. He truly loves the game and wants to pass it on to others. He's a true competitor, no matter what team it is. It could be the No. 1 team in country, he'll want to play them."

John Duhring, current player

"He has been a big influence in my life. I came here after my freshman year from Virginia to play basketball. The competition of this league was the reason. But here, playing basketball is family. He's a legend, but not just in wins and losses but in the way he carries himself. The wins help, but he is a great man."

Kevin Murphy, former Williamsport coach

"Wow. He loves the game of basketball, he is part of basketball culture .... his hard work and years stood the test of time .... with the teams he has had he has been successful with a variety of players. The sign of an outstanding coach is what he got ouf players that weren't as talented."

Andrew Chambers, former player

"A living legend. I mean, other than the game of basketball. A living legend for what he has done at Goretti what he has done and the players he has produced."

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