Bartlett's talk doesn't match votes

February 24, 2008|By GARY W. HOOVER Sr.

After reading the article in the paper on Feb. 1 about Rep. Roscoe Bartlett still fighting against big government, I had to write and set the record straight. Once again, we see those in government telling the voters one thing and voting another way. All one has to do is look at the record and it will tell the truth. Bartlett talked as if he is running for Congress for the very first time, not the ninth time.

Bartlett says he is seeking his ninth term (in 1994 he signed the Republican Contract with America that promised he would only serve three terms) to keep fighting against big spending. I must ask the Congressman where he has been for the last seven years. Congress has increased government more in the last seven years then any time in history. I must ask what he has done to stop Congress from, as he states, "immorally mortgaging the future of our kids and grandkids."


Bartlett also said that the earmark system (money hidden in other bills to bring it back to your district for special projects, like $50 million bridges to nowhere) was a "scandal that needed cleaned up." When did he stand up in the House of Representives and expose these earmarks?

The article also said that, if accused of acting in lock-step with President Bush about the war, he points out his objection to the president's initial handling of the Iraq war. Bartlett goes on to say that he supported having Bush get a United Nations resolution first. If that failed, the president would return to Congress for a declaration of war.

Either Bartlett did not read the bill he voted for entitled "To authorize the use of United States armed forces against Iraq" or he must have forgotten what the title of the bill was.

Bartlett also said that one of his pet causes is the growing scarcity of fossil fuels. He now advocates a focus like the Manhattan Project, the World War II effort to build an atomic bomb. Thirty two years ago, I heard Jimmy Carter say we needed an alterative fuel source so that the Middle East could never hold us hostage again. Bartlett has not been in Congress for the last 32 years, but he has been for the last 15 years. Is this something he just figured out, or has he been advocating a Manhattan Project for the last 15 years?

The Congressman goes on to say that immigration is a burning issue; he further says he voted against amnesty for illegal aliens. But the fact is, last year he supported the amnesty bill written by Ted Kennedy, John McCain and the Bush White House. And he voted against a bill that would clamp down on illegal immigrants and toughen border security, but omitted any new avenue for current illegal immigrants to gain legal status, stiffen fines for employers who hire illegal aliens and mandatory minimum sentences for immigrant smugglers, and automatic detention and deportation for immigrants caught crossing the border illegally.

Bartlett voted against raising the minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $7.25 per hour over a two-year period, but voted to increase the pay of Congress by $30,000 a year. Tell me how fair is it to vote against a raise for those in need and then for a ridiculous raise for oneself?

He also voted against implementing many of the remaining recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, which would aid giving faster and more efficient funding to first responders, boost federal aid to regions at greater risk of terrorist attacks, improve the flow of intelligence between local law enforcement and first responders and improve security at ports and cargo security on passenger planes and ships.

As far as walking in lock-step with President Bush, he has voted 89.3 percent of the time along party lines. Bartlett also was a strong supporter of President Bush's veto of the State Children Health Insurance program.

Congressman Bartlett speaks as if he is there fighting for the people of the 6th District, but over 80 percent of his campaign funding comes from special interests, lobbyists, PAC's and big business. One cannot accept all of this money from these folks and not believe they are not controlled by this interest.

This is the way that both Republicans and Democrats do things in Congress, and as long as we continue to elect Democrats and Republicans it will be politics as usual. Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity was to continue to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. We have elected Democrats and Republicans to represent us in Congress over and over and they all keep telling us how they are going to be different, but they are all the same. I must ask the voters, are we insane?

Gary W. Hoover Sr. is an
Independent candidate for Congress. His Web site is at

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