Waynesboro Borough Council briefs

February 21, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

Five officers apply for chief's position

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Five Waynesboro police officers submitted applications in the quest to become the department's new chief, Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said.

The borough council agreed to interview the candidates next week, giving each applicant at least 45 minutes. On Wednesday, the council amended the chief's job description to accept levels of education or equivalent experience in management.

"Frankly, you're marrying the individual because the chief of police is a very, very important position," Hamberger said.

Mayor Richard Starliper again said that he believes area police chiefs should be involved in the interviewing process, although two councilmen spoke against that idea. The council gave no indication that it would seek assistance from other police chiefs.

Ray Shultz retires from the helm of the department on May 2.

Mainstreet officials apologize to council

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - The president and vice president of Mainstreet Waynesboro Inc. formally apologized to the Waynesboro Borough Council on Wednesday. Representatives of the two boards had a heated exchange last week regarding grant spending.


"We just wanted to take this time to formally apologize to the borough council for the way we were represented at the last meeting," said Barb Persun, vice president of the nonprofit organization.

Treasurer Ernie Brockmann, treasurer of Mainstreet Waynesboro Inc., was acting on misinformation, organization president Anna Root said.

"We did not agree with the manner that it was presented in," she said.

Council members said Brockmann, who is out of town, called them to apologize after the incident. Persun, Root and the council said all is forgiven.

Downtown condo plan OK'd by council

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Plans for six condominiums and one commercial space at 80/82 W. Main St. received approval from the Waynesboro Borough Council on Wednesday.

Owner Craig Mahrle received approval from the local zoning hearing board to use fewer parking spaces at the building than are required by ordinance. The 18 parking spaces will be east of the structure on a gravel lot.

Sprung structure can spring up at church

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Otterbein Ministries Inc. has the Waynesboro Borough Council's blessing to get "Sprung."

The council on Wednesday approved plans for a 50-foot-by-90-foot Sprung Instant Structure on the church's South Potomac Street campus.

The Sprung Instant Structure - a first in the Borough of Waynesboro - will have aluminum framing built on a concrete slab. Dual layers of a canvas-like membrane would then be stretched across the frame.

Church officials previously said the new facility will be used to pull middle-schoolers out of the cramped youth ministry center on Sundays.

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