Lots of benefits to going organic

February 19, 2008|By EVA NIESSNER / Pulse Correspondent

No, it's not about organs. Not church organs, bodily organs or any organs whatsoever.

The definition of "organic" is "developing naturally, without being forced or contrived." It is also described as "free of synthetic chemicals." But what does that mean to you? Well, you'd be surprised at the chemicals that are put into the foods you eat or the products you use.

According to Teen Vogue's study of organic food, many cattle are given hormones to make them gain weight, and these hormones may be responsible for acne breakouts in teens who eat beef. Not to mention the pesticides that are sprayed over plants can be harmful as well - they can lead to nerve damage and even cancer. The study states that the average cleaned apple still has from 20 to 30 additives.

However, eating organic food can dramatically lower those risks. A study in the United Kingdom showed a 50 percent - yes, half! - decrease in hyperactivity in children when all food additives were taken out of their diets. Many sources I checked listed dozens of health problems attributed to insecticides, such as over-aggression, toxins in the human reproduction system and immune system, and depression - to name a few.


Organic foods have also been proven numerous times to be more nutritious than nonorganic. And animals that were fed organic feed had significant increases in health, which, if they used as food for humans, could result in healthier diets.

Often organic foods are more expensive, but try checking out farmer's markets or the web for affordable foods that haven't been chemically altered or covered in bug killers.

And as for products? Chemicals seem to be in everything these days, but one hair salon in Baltimore is determined to change that. I contacted Melissa Daum, who was eager to tell me about the organic hair boutique she manages. It's called Sprout Salon, and its focus is on giving customers a hair experience that's better for them and the earth. As well as being environmentally conscious, Sprout uses no ammonia or any chemical in its dyes and shampoos, so customers are guaranteed a cut and wash that is completely organic. Daum can be reached at

Another organic company is Edun, which is partially owned by activist and singer of U2, Bono. Edun is a line of clothing that is made from completely organic cotton. C&C California is another company that sells organic cotton clothing. And sells moisturizers and lotions that contain no chemicals.

So when it comes down to it, there's no need to bother or even endanger yourself with chemicals in what you eat and wear. Organic food and clothing have the answer, and it's only natural to want to be natural. See how going organic can benefit you.

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