Mail Call

February 14, 2008

"I was just thinking about the words 'conservative' and 'liberal,' and somewhere along the line, I think they've gotten confused. I consider myself a liberal. I'm pro-choice, and I'm not much for gun totin'. Yet if you're a conservative, you like to tote those guns, and you have that baby whether you can afford to take care of it or not. Call me crazy, but somewhere, these two words have gotten confused."

"Calling about all the smokers complaining about not being able to smoke in bars, and the people who are calling and saying 'I'm so happy, now I can go to bars, blah blah blah', and people who are saying 'Well, I'll just stay home and smoke my cigarettes,' and they say they're saving money and everything. What did you do when you went out? Did you just go tothe bar just because you could sit there and drink? That is pretty pathetic. Didn't you go out to socialize and mingle and meet people, and do things like that? You could still do that without smoking." - Hagerstown


"I object to calling the Berkeley Commissioners our 'leaders.' They are our public servants, and the arrogant enemy to many of us." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Sen. Munson would most probably be the senior Republican on any committee on which he sat in the General Assembly, but as a Republican, he cannot possibly be the head of that committee. Only ... if it's a Democratic assembly and a Democratic majority, and only Democratic heads of committee." - Hagerstown

"Mr. Donoghue, you slapped a lot of correctional officers right in the face with your ideas when it comes to retirement. Don't you realize that in my institution alone, we don't have enough supervisors? Lower ranks are doing supervisors' jobs. Where have you been?" - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the smoking ban. I feel it's a great idea. The smokers leave their cigarette butts lying all over the ground, no matter where they go. They toss them out their windows of their cars as they're going down the roads. I have the right, as to serving my country, to go into a smoke-free environment." - Cascade

"I wish businesses would, when they're encountering a woman they don't know, don't assume that the woman is married and call her 'Mrs.', because there are women who aren't married today." - Hagerstown

"Good luck to bar owners. I pray your business survives the smoking ban." - Hagerstown

"Just wanted to let you know that the State of Maryland did it again - they got me for 42 cents on my Maryland state tax return, because of the rounding-off process. I mean, that's just one person. It all adds up. Fleecing of Maryland by the tax representative." - Hagerstown

"I just want to say that I think it's great that we can go into restaurants and not come out smelling like we just spent all night at a bar. Hats off, because that is just the best feeling, to not come out smelling like a stinking cigarette. And for these people who are complaining about the veterans not being able to smoke at a bar, well, sorry about their luck, but think about the people around them who don't smoke and who don't want their stinking secondhand smoke." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the comment in Mail Call, Feb. 8, Friday, about people throwing their cigarette butts around, being that they can't smoke anymore in certain places. They've done it now. I'm always cleaning cigarette butts up. Everywhere you go, you see people smoking, and they just flip the cigarette, whether they're going in a car, vehicle, or whether they're walking. There could be an ashtray 10 feet from them, but they're not going to put the cigarette in there. Cigarette smokers and people who drive and drink at the same time are the biggest litterers I think in this country."

"This is about the Community Free Clinic. I think that if two people can afford to drive two expensive brand-new vehicles and make payments on them monthly, that they should ... that should be for poor people, I would think." - Hagerstown

"At the CPWC forum, BOE forum, the candidates were asked to discuss a problem due to increased growth in the schools in Washington County at or above capacity. Possible approach would be to build new schools, with an overall increase in property tax. One of the candidates does understand that the BOE could impact increased property taxes, due to budget demands that the county might have to fulfill for the Washington County schools."

"Sometimes after reading my paper every morning, I sometimes wonder if there are any good people left in this world. I was at Martin's on Wesel Boulevard a couple weeks ago and let my pocketbook in the cart. An employee let me know there still are very good people in this world. Thank you. God bless you and your family." - Falling Waters, W.Va

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