Waynesboro accepting applications for police chief

February 13, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

Applications will be gathered at the end of the week from Waynesboro police officers who want to be the department's new chief.

"We will distribute the compiled applications and then the council will determine who to interview," Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said.

The Waynesboro Borough Council, which would like to promote from within, will send its pick to the three-person Civil Service Commission for an exam to make sure the person is qualified for the position, he said.

Ray Shultz announced last month that he will retire May 2, bringing an end to his eight-year tenure as the town's police chief.

"My time with the borough and department has been very good, as far as I'm concerned," Shultz said.

On Tuesday, Shultz's police monitor buzzed with calls about weather-related accidents as he reminisced about a similar snowy day earlier in his career. He talked about patrolling with a colleague.


"Our monitor went out, so we stopped at a convenience store and picked up a new battery," Shultz said. "He (his partner) took the old battery out and placed the new battery in the monitor, then put the old battery in his shirt pocket."

As work continued, Shultz noticed an odor.

"I said, 'Do you smell something?'" he said.

The pair quickly realized that the old battery's chemicals were eating through the officer's shirt. The battery had reacted with his whistle chain.

Shultz also reminisced about how he learned of the pending retirement of his predecessor, Glenn Phenicie.

"When I returned from vacation and found out the previous chief had retired from the department, ... it was a real surprise to me. I came back and was advised I was in charge," Shultz said.

Shultz remembers he was disappointed that Phenicie was leaving, but happy that the former chief was able to do so after a long career.

"Now I'm into the same spot," Shultz said.

Shultz went to the police academy in Hershey, Pa., for 12 weeks in 1976. He left the then-16-member borough department to accept an officer job in nearby Washington Township, Pa., in 1979.

After six years there and an 18-month stint working for First National Bank of Waynesboro, Shultz returned to the Waynesboro force, in part due to a conversation with Phenicie.

"I had a lot of respect for him," Shultz said.

In his career, Shultz has worked under four mayors -- the late Thomas M. Painter, Patrick E. Fleagle, Louis M. Barlup and Richard Starliper. He said he has been working with Starliper and Sgt. Mike Bock when making decisions about the future of the department, which has 19 full-time officers and one vacant position.

Plans for the future have been coupled with thoughts of the past recently for Shultz, a golf aficionado who has two grown children with his wife.

"When I started, we pretty much knew everybody throughout the town. If there was a crime, you were dealing with alcohol and the town's alcoholics and drunks. If there was a burglary, you could pretty much say, 'I think it's so-and-so,'" Shultz said.

The department didn't have computers when he started.

"Today, we're dealing with drugs. We're dealing with computer crimes. We're dealing with people traveling up and down the East Coast on crime sprees," Shultz said.

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