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February 12, 2008|By SUSIE HOFFMAN / 301-790-2413

Busy time

Good morning, friends! Such a busy week we have ... who would have thought that February would prove to be jam-packed with things needing our attention.

Works for me; the busier I stay, the sooner my lilacs will be blooming and the scarves and hats will get put away.

Please vote today

Here is the plan ... after you finish reading the paper and wash the breakfast dishes ... give yourself a few extra minutes to go and vote in the primary election today. Don't wait for the general election to voice your opinion ... if you do that, the candidate you want might not be on the ballot and who would you have to blame but yourself? A couple of extra minutes to act upon things instead of just hold opinions on them.

Don't forget baseball signups

Hopefully, you took some time this past weekend to dig out birth certificates and three proofs of residency. Starting this Thursday, from 6 to 8 p.m., Friday, same times, and Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can register your little ones for some baseball fun. Registration for National Little League will be held those days at Staley Park behind Potterfield Pool on Frederick Street. Boys and girls between 5 and 12 are invited to join in T-ball, minor and major league programs. A registration fee of $20 is due when you register as well as a mandatory participation in the raffle ticket fundraiser. If you have any questions, call Lisa at 301-790-4966 or Becky at 301-739-9323. Returning players must register!


Town monument to be refurbished

When you get to be our age, a facelift is not so uncommon.

Before you get all excited, I am personally not doing anything of the sort, but I do know of a monument in Funkstown that is in need of one.

The Doughboy Monument at the intersection of Frederick Road and Baltimore Street has been honoring veterans of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Time has been a tad rough on the monument and plaque honoring the 265 veterans. We owe it to our veterans to display their names proudly and to do so would cost slightly more than $3,000 for a new plaque. The Washington County Joint Veterans Council has decided to undertake this project and see that the monument and plaque are restored to stand for many years to come. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated ... I know that donations are especially needed. Please call Harold King if you can be of any assistance at 301-790-0552.

You're running out of time for Valentines

Shall I state the obvious? OK, I will. Two days from today is Valentine's Day. Put all the commercial gibberish aside ... if roses and candies are your thing ... knock yourself out. My wish is that be sure to let your loved ones know how special they are to you, not just on this day but on every single day. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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