Funkstown briefs

February 12, 2008|By MARLO BARNHART

Councilman Rodgers won't seek re-election

FUNKSTOWN - It wasn't on the agenda but two-term Funkstown Councilman Robert D. Rodgers Jr. announced Monday night that he will not be seeking re-election in May.

"I actually decided to serve two terms when I was first elected," Rodgers said. He first ran for office in 2000 and was re-elected to a second four-year term in 2004.

Rodgers said he was planning to take a break from town government but didn't rule out another run in the future. He said he will surely be around to serve the town in any way he could after his term expires.

Town Clerk Brenda Haynes took the opportunity to announce that advertisements would soon be running in the newspaper announcing the upcoming election.


The League of Women Voters has said they will be available to staff the polls at Funkstown Town Hall.

Elections are held every two years so not all candidates are running at the same time. This year, the four-year positions held by Vice Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr., Rodgers and council member Sharon Chirgott will be up for election.

Upon hearing that Rodgers wouldn't be running for re-election, Chirgott said she has decided she will run again.

Not up for election this year are the seats held by Mayor Robert L. Kline and council members Jerry Walker, Richard Nigh and John Phillips III.

Town residents may vote at Town Hall on Monday, May 5, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

"Filing forms are mailed to incumbents," Haynes said. "Forms will be available at Town Hall by Feb. 13."

Wastewater plant work 80 percent completed

FUNKSTOWN - With the absence of Mayor Robert L. Kline and Vice Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr. at Monday night's town council meeting, Councilwoman Sharon Chirgott found herself at the helm.

The main business on the agenda was the latest progress report on the work at the town's wastewater treatment plant.

That report contained some good news and some bad news.

Because of some recent inclement weather, Callas Contractors Inc. is expected to be asking the town for an extension on its completion date, which was to have been Feb. 25.

"About 80 percent of the roofing and door work is done, and 90 percent of the electrical conduit," said Town Clerk Brenda Haynes.

The work has been going well with few problems except for the weather.

"The work is approximately 80 percent completed, but 96 percent of the time to do the work is over," Haynes said.

The estimate is that another four weeks will be needed to complete the job.

The generator is expected to arrive in a week, Haynes said.

There has been talk about the installation of a new water line along Alternate U.S. 40 to Lagoon Road before the road there is paved, thus saving having to tear it up later.

"The water line through there is very old," Haynes said.

The town would have to come up with the money for the replacement of those lines.

By unanimous vote, the ninth payment to the contractors was approved. The amount of that payment is $187,759.90.

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