Play ball!

February 11, 2008|By JULIE E. GREENE

For some of the kids, it's about soccer.

For others, it's just about having fun, whether spinning in circles while the action happens around them or climbing the padded walls around the court.

After all, this is the soccer league for 4- and 5-year-olds. What could be simpler than running around chasing a ball or chasing each other?

Approximately 90 children from the Tri-State area are playing on eight teams in the Hagerstown YMCA league, which plays Sundays and Thursdays, said Dan Prescott, senior program director.


Bill Whaley, one of the coaches, said the goal is to teach the kids the basics of the game, to get them playing together as a group.

"They're too young at this age to really grasp the concept" of positions, of what a forward or a fullback does, Whaley said.

Let the games begin.

Photos by Ric Dugan/Staff Photographer

Colby Halterman, 4, of Hagerstown, shows his "tendency to climb the wall," as his mother puts it. His mom, Laura Halterman, is trying to get Colby to get back on the court to play with the other kids.

Garry Hose, coach for the Hagerstown Trust team, explains to his players where they need to position themselves for the game. From left, Gerald Riesland (No. 2), Derrick Stubenhofer, (No. 8), Hose and Kyriek White.

Four-year-old Christopher Hose, of Clear Spring, takes a break from the scrimmage.

Hayden Schooler, who plays for M&T Bank Tigers, dribbles the ball down the court as teammate Rachel Shaw watches and opponents Colby Halterman, second from left, and Derrick Stubenhofer, right, pursue him.

M&T Bank Tigers Head Coach Gene Gregory gives 5-year-old Sage Lague, of Fairplay, a lift to her proper position on the indoor soccer court.

Kate Whaley, 4, of Hagerstown, passes the time as she takes her turn guarding the goal for the Hagerstown Trust-sponsored team.

Dylan Harnish, 5, of Hagerstown, runs with the ball as he tries to steer it toward the goal.

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