What the school board candidates said ...

February 08, 2008

What candidates for the Washington County Board of Education said during Thursday night's forum:

Wayne D. Ridenour
"We have to continue to attract and retain quality staff. We have to have good teachers. We have to have quality space for students' educational (experiences)."

Tom Janus
"I would support reallocation of money into those instructional approaches and teachers with program success of getting (students) to grade-level achievement."

Meredith Fouche
"Quality teachers are the key to student success. Without exemplary teachers in our classrooms, quality education is compromised."

Russell F. Williams II
"The difficulty with the existing buildings if they are built as new schools ... you have to have a very big building. There has to be all kinds of refitting. ... Yes, there are vacant buildings, but the amount of refitting just to produce classrooms in the buildings would be very large."


Justin M. Hartings
"I think we have to first of all recognize that a child who is engaging in bullying behavior is a child that is in some way not having their needs met either at home or in school."

Margaret Lowery
"I don't see that we have too much of a problem with students falling through the cracks. ... If we don't have that family component or an after school program, they will fall through the cracks."

W. Edward Forrest
"The fundamental issue facing the school system now and always has been student achievement and student success and opportunities. If the Board of Education is not focused on that (then they're going) in the wrong direction)."

Jacqueline B. Fischer
"(The issue facing the Board of Education) is how to build upon the academic success of the last five years to reach the goals of No Child Left Behind, while at the same time dealing with the backlog of maintenance in our overcrowded public schools."

Donna Brightman
"We work for you. You are our constituents. We are accountable to you. ... We have a lot of responsibility. This is not just shaking hands and cutting ribbons. It's a big job, and we owe a lot to you to make sure we do the job right."

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