Morgan County land-use panel named

February 08, 2008|By TRISH RUDDER

 BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- A 15-member advisory committee for Morgan County's land-use management was named at Thursday's Morgan County Commission meeting.

Commission President Glen R. Stotler and Commissioner Thomas R. Swaim named the following to serve as advisory committee members -- Sandy Bienen, Charlie Biggs, Daryl Cowles, Mike Crawford, Jim Dupont, Bob Ford, Jim Hoyt, Joe Michael, Roger Michael, Patti Miller, Eric Pritchard and Barbara Tudor.

Morgan County Planning Commission President Jack Soronen said Carl Cowgill and Scott Swaim, two planning commission members, also will serve on the advisory committee.

Stotler will chair the committee.

Before naming Pritchard to the committee, both Stotler and Swaim questioned him about being objective and his willingness to explore all of the options.


Pritchard has voiced his opinion against zoning in Morgan County.

"Can you serve without being a deterrent?" Swaim asked.

"In order to get to this point, we have to get to the fact that zoning is not the way to go to see if other options are available," Pritchard said.

Stotler said he and Swaim had not talked with all of the people named, so "we are not sure if all will serve."

"We will know who will serve by the next meeting," he said, and when the meetings will take place.

Stotler said the advisory committee will need to identify the issues and have a "clear understanding of what the objective is."

He said Soronen and county planner Alma Gorse will "do a review of what we have in place and what the rules and regulations are."

The committee is to last six months, Stotler said.

Soronen said six months was not a lot of time to identify and find various solutions, and zoning might have to be considered.

Commissioner Brenda J. Hutchinson said that is why zoning should have been part of the advisory committee discussions.

"Jack may be right, and you may find after delving into it, it may be the only issue," she said.

Hutchinson said she declined to ask anyone to work on the committee because she felt the advisory committee "will be a waste of time and energy" without zoning being part of the land-management discussion.

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