Mail Call

February 08, 2008

"I hope the tax assessment office in the square in Hagerstown subscribes to The Herald-Mail. On page A3, they'll find out the city can't sell these properties now for the price they're asking for them. Maybe it'll give them some idea that all properties are losing value in this town, not going up, and assessments should be coming down, down, down." - Hagerstown

"I was just reading in the paper where someone said that the building permits are down 50 percent. Does that mean that the County Commissioners and maybe the City of Hagerstown will take and up our taxes to make up the difference in that 50 percent? Just a thought." - Clear Spring

"This is for Del. Chris Shank. I won't go into anything between him and Del. Donoghue, but I would suggest that he model his conduct after that of Sen. Donald Munson, who is much beloved in this community, and who has never carried on the kind of fight that Del. Shank is. Sen. Munson is always a gentleman - which isn't to say he doesn't know how to fight; he does, especially for his constituents and their issues, but he never picks a fight just to pick a fight. He's always diplomatic. He's always thinking of how it will resonate, not just with the voters, but with the person with whom he is conducting himself, because there's always a future that has to be looked to." - Hagerstown


"Kudos to all the contributors of the Pulse section of your paper. They present an intelligent, well-written, diverse outlook on many interesting topics. I'm new to the area, and although at 60 and a grandmother, I greatly enjoy reading Pulse each week." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"It is high time people with a business, especially bar owners, stand up for your constitutional rights. If a bar is your livelihood and smoking is banned, there goes your business. Who are the bureaucrats to tell businesses what to do? If people do not like smoke, go to another bar or restaurant. Ditto for trans fats. I do not smoke, but if I owned a bar, I would get petitions signed and head for Annapolis. This country is taking our rights and that of business owners. Hillary said on TV yesterday, if elected, she is going to have our wages garnished for health care. I like my health care. I like the freedom to choose. Now she says she is going to take away the profits from Exxon. Is this capitalism or Marxism? Her idea of rich not being allowed to have more. This country needs to pay Social Security back first. Baby boomers are hitting retirement age." - Hagerstown

"I'm surprised that there are so many people naive about bullies in school. It was on Fox News, it showed the actual video of girls beating each other on the parking lot, children getting beat on buses, school buses, and these are actual people. And it told the steps that were taken, and once again, the BOE denied that anything had happened. Bullying used to go on when I went to school, but we didn't get in these intense physical fights where people could end up in the hospital. It didn't happen that way then. I'm surprised that it's going on now and nothing's being done. It's a sad story when a child has to be afraid to go to school, because of bullying, guns and knives. What has this country come to?" - Waynesboro, Pa.

"I've become convinced that rejecting home rule will be a big mistake. We have to be able to give our local government the tools to cope with the coming population economic growth. Those people who want to keep Washington County the way it is need to pull their heads out of the ground. If we don't give local government the tools to control it, then it will overrun us, and everything that they want to prevent will happen." - South Side, Hagerstown

"Charter home rule is for the birds - but the birds I'm talking about are the eagles of democracy. Voters of Washington County, it's time to get serious about trusting ourselves to be better at watching what happens locally than what happens in Annapolis. All this gibberish about the difficulty about bringing something to referendum is just that. You can't do it at all now. When something is passed in Annapolis, it is a done deal. Let's get our democratic process back at home, where the legislative process is fully accessible." - Hagerstown

"Now we know the real reason why the runway was extended at Hagerstown Regional Airport: So that the big Air Force One planes could land there." - Hagerstown

"In the Brandon Morris case, a person from Hagerstown called in and said that they wouldn't be able to appeal the conviction of life in prison without parole. I read in the paper - maybe I read it wrong - but that the lawyer for Morris said that he plans to appeal the verdict and the sentence, so if he's gonna appeal it, then what's the judge getting off telling people that they can't appeal it? I don't know, but the guy should have gotten the death penalty, and if they carried it out the way they should, they wouldn't have to worry about these appeals; they would just go ahead and do it."

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