Don't leave county's future in the hands of other areas

February 08, 2008|By CYNTHIA L. PERINI

To the editor:

For more than a quarter of a century I have read, listened to and participated in discussions regarding the growth and revitalization of this community.

Over this period of time we have seen resistance to change as our elected officials, the business community and residents work to make important decisions that have, can or will impact our future.

These moves for change have come in many different forms and have the opportunity to lead us through public dialogue that brings the community to a better understanding and direction for the future as the details are examined.


I learned many years ago that some resistance to change is inevitable, not matter what topic we are discussing. People become comfortable with the status quo as they know what to expect. With change comes uncertainty about future outcomes. It becomes easy for opponents of the change to use scare tactics to make their case and attempts to sway others.

As citizens, we must be careful to examine the arguments to ensure that they aren't filled with exaggeration and aimed to protect self-interests. It is our responsibility as voters to make decisions that serve the long-term best interest of the county as a whole.

On Tuesday, if you are a registered voter in Washington County, you have the ability to make a choice that allows our county government to make local decisions locally. You can do this by voting "yes" for charter home rule. There are many examples around our state and in other state where they have made the move to this form of government and have experienced the benefits. This is a form of government that has been shown to work well for the people of communities that have voted to adopt it.

I encourage you to resist the desire to leave the decisions about the future of our community in the hands of others who do not live or work here. Instead, vote "yes" for charter home rule and embrace the change that allows us to control the future of the place we call home.

Cynthia L. Perini

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