Super surprise: Patriots lose

February 05, 2008|By RYAN BARRY / Pulse Correspondent

As you all know, the Super Bowl is over and something very unexpected has happened: the New York Giants won!

The New England Patriots couldn't live up to the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who went undefeated in the regular season, then went all the way to the Super Bowl and defeated the Washington Redskins.

In this year's Super Bowl, the Patriots defense was looking good in the first half, holding the Giants to 3 points and intercepting a pass by Giants quarterback Eli Manning. This was the first interception Manning had thrown since New York's last meeting with the Patriots in week 17.

New England's offense however, did not fare so well. The Patriots only scored one touchdown in the first half, thanks to the Giants' strong defense. In fact, neither offense did well throughout the game.


Then, in the fourth quarter, Giants receiver David Tyree scored a five-yard touchdown, giving New York the lead, 10-7. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and receiver Randy Moss connected to give the Patriots a 14-10 lead.

There was less than two minutes on the clock when Manning threw a long ball to Tyree, who caught and held it tight to his helmet for a 32-yard gain. From there, Manning drove the Giants to the goal line where he threw a 13-yard touchdown to receiver Plaxico Burress, putting New York in the lead 17-14 with 35 seconds left.

The Giants defense shut Tom Brady down, and the unbeaten New England Patriots were finally defeated. Actually, there was one second left on the clock as Patriots coach Bill Belichick went mid-field to reluctantly congratulate Giants coach Tom Coughlin.

This win is significant for Eli Manning, because his brother Peyton led the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl win last year.

It's hard to believe that many people don't watch the Super Bowl for the game. Instead they watch for the commercials. Unfortunately for them, this year was really disappointing. Normally Super Bowl commercials set the standard for humor and imaginative advertising. But, if these are any indication, companies can expect lower-than-average sales.

This wraps up the 2007-08 football season, except for the Pro Bowl next week in Hawaii where the best of the best play the last big game of the year.

The Pro Bowl consists of teams from the two conferences of the NFL -- the best players in the AFC and the best players in the NFC. The two teams play each other for the title Pro Bowl Champions.

The aging Brett Favre (Green Bay Packers) is the NFC quarterback. Golden boy Tom Brady (New England Patriots) was chosen as the AFC quarterback. The AFC running back is the speedy LaDainian Tomlinson (San Diego Chargers) and Minnesota Vikings rookie Adrian Peterson is the NFC running back. I predict the AFC will win with so many star players like LaDainian.

After that, all of us football fans will have to entertain ourselves with video games like "Madden '08" and "NFL Street" and considering our picks for next year's fantasy teams.

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