Rutherford's 832 sets house, city marks


February 02, 2008|By LARRY YANOS

In the Saturday Morning Turner's Dual Lanes Youth League, tenpin bowler Mike Rutherford tossed games of 266, 267 and 299 for a new house and city record of 832 for a Major-Senior boy (ages 15-21).

"I've been bowling pretty well lately," the 18-year-old Rutherford said in an understatement. "Recently, I've had two 300 games and two 800 sets. And earlier this month, I had a 298 game."

Rutherford, who attends Hagerstown Community College, has been bowling tenpins for eight years and carries an impressive 219 average.

In the Aladdin Awards Adult/Youth Doubles Handicap Tournament, he tossed his first perfect game. His four-game scratch total for the tournament was 1,050 -- a 263 average, including games of 236, 246 and 268.

In the Saturday Morning Dual Lanes Youth League, he tossed games of 223, 300 and 279 for an 802 set.

Cress, Shives notch 800 sets

Leon Cress, competing in the Soda Pop Adult/Youth Bowling League at Turner's Dual Lanes in Hagerstown, tossed his first 800 set -- an 813.


The set included games of 267, 247 and 299. He left the 5-pin standing on his final toss.

"On the first try in the 10th, the first ball was off the mark and the pins carried," Cress said. "I got myself back together and the second ball was solid in the pocket. The third ball, though, was way off the mark. I did get nine of the pins down, but the 5-pin stood there.

"I've never gotten a ring before and I'll get one now for the 11 straight strikes. I still got lucky to string together 11 straight strikes."

The 55-year-old Hagerstown resident, whose previous career highs were 267 and 741, was pleased with the effort.

"After the games of 267 and 247, I really wasn't thinking about an 800 set, maybe that's why it happened," Cress said. "Things went real well in the third game. In the second game, I had two opens in the first and second frames.

· Tenpin bowler Andy Shives, competing in the Darrell Witte Commercial Major Men's League at Dual Lanes, recently collected 28 of a possible 36 strikes en route to his first-ever career 800 set -- an 812.

"Things went well," the 47-year-old Hagerstown bowler said. "I threw nine straight strikes all three games. I should have had at least one perfect game."

Shives tossed games of 268, 265 and 279.

"I threw nine straight strikes in Games 1 and 2 and then had a split," Shives said. "In the last game, I had nine more strikes and then spared out.

It was my first 800 set, but I'm still looking for my first perfect game. I've had a 297 before."


Mike Fox Jr., competing in the Flying Feathers Mixed League at Dual Lanes, tossed his first 300 game.

Games of 186 and 244 followed the perfect effort for a 730 set. One week later, he tossed games of 257, 289 and 276 for his first 800 set at Dual Lanes, an 822.

Fox will receive a plaque and $100 from Dual Lanes for the perfect game, and $50 and a plaque from Dual Lanes for the 800 set.

· Brian Pentz of Waynesboro, Pa., competing in the Thursday Elks' Tenpin League at Turner's Dual Lanes, tossed his first 300 game.

The effort came between games of 224 and 201 as he finished with a 725 set.

Pentz, a graduate of the Dual Lanes junior bowling program, tossed his first 800 set, an 811, on April 26, 2007 in the league.

For the perfect game, Pentz will receive a plaque and $100 from Dual Lanes.

Paquet Memorial tourney

Jonathan Martin, Brendan Beaton, Roger Horst and Danny Wiles were the winners of their respective average divisions at the 10th annual Shirley

Paquet Memorial New Year No-Tap Singles Tournament at Dual Lanes.

Martin won the 169-and-under category with an 809 set. Beaton was the winner of the 170-199 category with an 851 set. Horst and Wiles tied with a perfect 900 set in the 200-and-higher category.

"No Tap" means 9 pins on the first ball of each frame counts as a strike.

The winners received $200 courtesy of Coca-Cola & D.I. Striker's Pro Shop, and a plaque from Aladdin Awards.

During the tournament, Brian Bain tossed a natural perfect game.

Hollenshead Memorial tourney

Jeff Harding and John Schriner were the winners of the Tom Hollenshead Memorial Scratch Doubles Tenpin Tournament at Dual Lanes.

The duo were the fourth-highest qualifiers with a 12-game total of 2,848.

Other qualififers included: Jeff Sainer and Mike Whisman, 2,961; Mike Fox Jr. and Kelly Chapman, 2,861; Danny Wiles and Bobby Carter, 2,859; and Kurtis Barron and Brian Hahn, 2,842.

In the Baker Doubles Finals, Harding and Schriner defeated Barron and Hahn 221-215, Wiles and Carter 221-150; Fox Jr. and Chapman 300-257; and Sainer and Whisman, 213-205.

During qualifying, John Funk Sr., Steve Maggi and Jeremy Nave each tossed perfect games and Travis Yeates tossed a 299 game. Nave added games of 269 and 256 for an 825 set, and Brian Hahn tossed games of 289, 277 and 238 for an 804 set.

Harding and Shriner tossed a perfect Baker Doubles game (every other frame).

Aladdin Awards tourney

Brian Hahn Sr. and Brian Hahn Jr. won the Aladdin Awards Adult/Youth Handicap Doubles Tenpin Tournament at Dual Lanes.

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