Washington Township Board of Supervisors sets goals for year

February 01, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - A set of goals for 2008 will be before the Washington Township Board of Supervisors on Monday for their approval.

Among them are plans for the construction of Washington Township Boulevard and two addressing the possible development of a municipal complex.

When they drafted goals for the $14.3 million relief route known as Washington Township Boulevard, the supervisors included the following:

· Supervisors complete roadway from Old Forge Road to Country Club Drive and Gehr Road to Marshall Drive.

· Developers complete road between Gehr Road and Country Club Road.

· Design road between Pa. 997 and Pa. 316.

· Get state approval for and construct Antietam Creek Bridge.

Construction of Washington Township Boulevard began in 2005 and is projected to last through 2014. The relief route north of Waynesboro is complete and open from Pa. 16 to Old Forge Road.


Another goal headed to the supervisors for final approval is to ensure "that nearby landowners are affected in the least way possible by the boulevard development and no new boulevard commercial rezoning is authorized."

"I want to prevent or make sure no new development (occurs). ... I'm not a real proponent of this Washington Township Boulevard, and I want to make sure these things happen," said Supervisor Stephen Kulla, who was elected in November 2007.

The supervisors have said they want to see the construction of North Welty Road completed to meet Washington Township Boulevard this year, too.

"North Welty Road is nearly to subgrade now," Supervisor Carroll Sturm said.

The "township facilities master plan" goals are to "consider appropriate site property size and location to meet plan requirements" and to "consider facility design that can be phased to meet funding availability," according to the version of goals presented Wednesday evening.

Last year, the supervisors accepted a facilities master plan created by architectural firm Newcomer Associates of Chambersburg, Pa.

"It's a study that's been accepted and is on a shelf. If we get to the point where we buy land, we take it off a shelf," Sturm said.

The board has been working on its goals for several weeks and further refined them at a workshop Wednesday.

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