'Snow White' dances into Chambersburg

January 31, 2008|By TIFFANY ARNOLD

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- If there were an appropriate ballet to stage at an ice festival, "Snow White" is the one.

Chambersburg Ballet Theatre School and Company will bring the fairy tale ballet to IceFest -- the borough's four-day winter festival for which ice sculptures are the focal point -- with Friday and Saturday performances at The Capitol Theatre. A live orchestra will provide the soundtrack for the more than 30 dancers cast, said artistic director Lavinia Reid.

The ballet company performed "Snow White" at last year's IceFest; the company will open each performance at the 2008 IceFest with excerpts from "La Bayadere," a Russian ballet from the choreographer who originally created the ballet adaptations of "Swan Lake" and "Sleeping Beauty."

Several guest artist were cast as principals for "Snow White." Christine Danilaus, a professional dancer who has performed in several Disney productions, is cast as the Good Queen. Pittsburgh-area dancer Jessica Stanley is cast as Snow White.


Two of Reid's former students are returning as guest artists.

Kevin Olmstead, a freelance dancer now working in the Pittsburgh area, is cast as the Prince. Former student Brie-Anne Asbury, a Miami-based freelance dancer, is cast as the Evil Queen.

"I feel the pressure (of) trying to set an example," Asbury said, "but it's nice to come back to people who know me."

At a recent round of dance classes a few days before the opening, younger dancers said they were looking forward to dancing on the same stage as Asbury and Olmstead. One of them was Sarah Sutton, an 8-year-old ballerina cast as the Evil Queen's Black Cat. Sarah will get to dance alongside her mother Jane Sutton, 41, who is cast as the Wicked Queen in Disguise. Sarah is also cast as one of the dwarfs.

"Last year, I was a bat," she said.

A different Sarah, Sarah Milback, 11, of Greencastle, is cast as Little Snow White. It is her first time doing the ballet.

"It's different than other roles I've had, definitely more artistry," she said. "You have to count on yourself to remember the choreography. You can't look over your shoulder."

If you go ...

WHAT: "Snow White," presented by Chambersburg Ballet Theatre School and Company

WHEN: 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 1., with additional shows at 3 and 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 2. The ballet company said it might delay the show a few minutes to accommodate a fireworks show scheduled as part of IceFest events Saturday.

WHERE: The Capitol Theatre, 159 S. Main St., Chambersburg, Pa.

COST: $18, adults; $15, seniors; $10, students 12 and younger; $5, ages 5 and younger. Saturday matinee special -- $10 for adults, seniors and students. There is also a grandparent discount -- $5 for any grand child, regardless of age (this includes adults), accompanying a grandparent.

MORE: Call The Capitol Theatre, 717-263-0202

Preliminary cast list for "Snow White"

Good Queen ... Christine Danilaus

Handmaidens ... Marina Addlesberger, Chelsea Lester, Victoria Marthouse and Leslie Marie Provard

Evil Queen ... Brie-Anne Asbury

Little Snow White ... Sarah Milback

Raccoon ... Abigail Hershey

Deer ... Marina Addlesberger

Bunnies ... Olivia Bennett, Abigail Horst and Kate Meighan

Chipmunk ... Katie Patterson

Skunk ... Maggie Patterson

Bird ... Emma Ehrhart

Huntsman ... Laszlo Madaras

Forest creatures (demi soloists) ... Chelsea Lester and Victoria Marthouse (understudy: Leslie Marie Provard), with Annette Brechbill, Sylvia Madaras, Elizabeth Meighan, Leslie Marie Provard, Pamela Reed and Jane Sutton

Bats ... Ellen Diehl, Morgan Evans and Michaela Magners (understudy: Emmy Cook)

Yearling Deer ... Marina Addlesberger

Evil Queen's Black Cat ... Sarah Sutton

Snow White ... Jessica Stanley

Seven Dwarfs ... Emaline Cook, Ellen Diehl, Morgan Evans, Michaela Magners, Emma Maurer, Emily Mellott and Sarah Sutton (Dwarf cover, Katelyn Thomas)

Evil Queen in Disguise ... Jane Sutton

Owl ... Victoria Marthouse

Raven ... Chelsea Lester

Dove ... Brie-Anne Asbury

Prince ... Kevin Olmstead

Prince's Lackey ... Evan Sutton

Courtiers ... Annette Brechbill, William Dauphinais, Sylvia Madaras, Nicholas Meighan, Michael Provard, Pamela Reed and Rich Rodriguez.

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