Looking for something to do? Play games all night at the library

January 29, 2008|By ROBERT KELLER / Pulse Correspondent

Have you been looking for a teen hot spot with a group of friendly teens who share some of your interests?

The Washington County Free Library is the place to go. The library has a load of activities set up just for teens. For example, the teen loft in the library has music CDs, video games, anime movies, and books - all for teens. That's not even the half of what the library has to offer.

On Friday, Jan. 19, the library hosted a marathon game night, where teens could bring their own board games or video games and play them during an overnighter. Activities ranged from playing Guitar Hero III for the PS2 to going on the Internet in the computer lab.

"Some of the other events coming up include the Yu-Gi-Oh club, which meets once a month, the Anime club, which meets once a month, and the Teen Idol on April 12," said Lisa Key, the library's head of circulation. "We also have a CSI overview coming up in March for young adults and adults. A forensic scientist is going to come in and show what they do. Teens from ages 13 to 17 will need permission slips since some parts may be graphic. There is an anime convention coming up on May 10, also."


Teens at the recent game night said they enjoyed themselves.

"(The game night) is good for teens," 18-year-old Keith Ware said. "It's good promotion for the library. I would like to see other nights other than cards such as nights that deal with books or a movie night."

"I like it," 18-year-old Tim Moreland said. "It's fun and I really enjoy it."

"It's cool," Seth Rubeck, 14, of North Hagerstown High School said. "It gives us something to do. We have the whole library to ourselves. I like it very much."

Take it from me; the teen nights are worth coming to. Everyone there is friendly and everyone gets along. There are a lot of activities to choose from and you are constantly busy. If you have the time, you should check out at least one teen event. You might find that you like it.

For more information about library programs for teens, call Lisa Key at the library at 301-739-2350, ext. 126.

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